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Social Media for Entrepreneurs

By Guest Blogger: Danielle Cecconi
Alumni & Student Relations Marketing Coordinator Intern

An online presence for your business in the social media environment is more important than you may think. Having a profile on Facebook and a Twitter account won’t be effective unless you know what you are doing and why. You have to know which social media tools are appropriate for your business.

It’s part of my job as the Alumni & Student Relations Marketing Coordinator to manage the social media tools that we use in order to inform and engage the alumni and students at Walsh College. Through experience, workshops, webinars, and keeping on top of trends, I’ve learned to enhance my social media skills. I want to share some great tips I’ve acquired.

Set Your Goals

It is important to emphasize how consumers are now spending more time on social networks than any other form of online media. Set your goals to select which social media tools to acquire. Go beyond the basics and make the most of what they have to offer. The Blackstone Launchpad can help you set your business goals in case you need some guidance.


One of Walsh College’s goals is to provide networking opportunities for our students. Therefore, we created two LinkedIn groups. The purpose of LinkedIn is business networking. This gives our students and alumni the chance to connect with each other and also to gain better exposure. Be sure to be active in the discussions.

Walsh College LinkedIn Group

Walsh College Alumni LinkedIn Group

Walsh College offers free webinars on LinkedIn for the Business Professionals. Find more information at walshcollege.edu/webinars.

Engage Your Customers

Social media platforms present a completely new opportunity to instantly deliver messages to millions of people. Engage in conversations. Write a blog. Improve your implementation strategy by following leaders and potential clients. Search hashtags (#) within your industry and understand which hashtags are being used and who within your industry is using them. They are a simple way to target your audience for every post.

For example, #WalshCollegeAlumni.

Walsh College uses Facebook as one of the tools to engage in conversations with fans, students and alumni. Facebook has a lot to offer – take advantage of it. We have a few different pages you can use to your advantage, such as the Walsh College Fan Page, Walsh College Student Network, and Walsh College Alumni.

Become Easy To Find

For SEO (search engine optimization) reasons, it is important that you make a profile for your company on the basic social media sites, even if you won’t utilize it as the main part of your marketing strategy. It is all about making it easier for the customers to find your business when searching for it on the web. In order to make it easy for you to manage all your sites, there are platforms that combine all the social media sites into one. SproutSocial.com is a good example.

You can find Walsh College on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, and Skype. We don’t use them all daily as part of our marketing strategy but they are there. In case you need to reach us, there are multiple ways to do it.  

Making yourself accessible and easy to find, engaging in conversations, and becoming your customers’ friends are important. How are you engaging your customers? What is your opinion?

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