Faculty Spotlight: Professor John Poswalk

Have you had a professor throughout your college career that gave you an extra bit of influence, a nudge, or advice that helped you along your way? These professors take pride in what they teach, but most importantly, their students' success. Professor John Poswalk falls into this category. Poswalk has taught communications at Walsh College for more than a decade and today, he shares his thoughts on the impact of teaching at Walsh College.

Q: Tell us about some of your former students and the impact they've made.

One of my students that I am particularly proud of is a guy named Ghattas Shatara, who was my student here quite a while ago, perhaps around 2010. He works at Google. Do you know the math of working at Google? Only 0.2% of people who apply at Google get hired at Google. Do you want to go to Harvard? Only five percent get accepted. He is now on his third job at Google and has been promoted twice. Going that extra mile and helping my students in their career choice and in their work – that to me is the greatest reward.

Additionally, four of Professor Poswalk’s former students have followed in his footsteps by becoming professors themselves, three of whom currently teach at Walsh College: Lisa Loch in Accounting Communications, Eden Konja in Business Information Technology, and Diana Goode in Accounting. Tom Gross, also a former student of Poswalk’s, currently teaches at Schoolcraft College. 

Q: Tell us about your approach to the classroom and how you value real-world experience.
I rely more on my business career more than my academic credentials. I graduated from Michigan in 1983 where I studied English and literature, which was rated as the 8th best program in the nation at the time, yet I rely more on my marketing and management skills that I’ve learned hands on.

Professor Poswalk believes that going above and beyond for his students is key to both his and his student’s success. While teaching business communications at Walsh, Poswalk strives to inspire his students who, in turn, often inspire him.  Such commitment and care for students are among the differentiating factors that set Walsh College’s professors apart.

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