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Faculty Profile: Professor Daniel S. Hoops

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Since its inception on July 7, 1922 by Mervyn B. Walsh as an accounting school, Walsh College has been most widely known and revered for the success of its accounting, and starting in 1974, taxation programs.

The next faculty profile is of Professor Daniel S. Hoops, B.M.A., LL.M, Department Chair of Accounting and Taxation. Professor Hoops has been engaged in the practice of law and business consulting since 1995 and has co-authored books regarding estate planning with his father and brother.

Professor Hoops was kind enough to answer a few questions so all of you could get to know him a bit better!


Novi, Michigan. NHS Class of '87

Educational Credentials

BMA, Trumpet Performance, University of Michigan

JD, Michigan State University, Detroit College of Law

LLM, University of Miami School of Law


Live jazz, classical and electronic music; athletics (hockey, lacrosse, golf); extreme fitness

What was your dream growing up?

Wanted to be a lawyer, it was the family business. Then wanted to become a professional trumpet player in the DSO (Detroit Symphony Orchestra)… wasn't nearly good enough for the big leagues.

Why did you decide to teach?

It's always been in my blood. Began teaching trumpet lessons at 14 and filled in for my dad teaching at area law schools and MSU. Enjoy it tremendously.

Why should students choose Walsh College?

The networking opportunities with classmates, alums and faculty are second to none. The support they will receive from career services is absolutely the best around. They will walk across the commencement stage far more prepared than if they went anywhere else.

Most fond memory at Walsh College

Mark Solomon telling me that the writing skills for the MST were better than he'd ever seen and wanted to know what I was doing "wrong" in Tax 500.

Advice for students

PLEASE STOP worrying about GPAs! Once you graduate (and you will get a job somewhere irrespective of your GPA), no one will ever remember or care if you received a C- or B+ in any course. They will only remember if you know what the heck you are doing when you show up for work.

Mac or PC


Pepsi or Coke


Paper or Plastic

Either if they are made from recycled paper or plastic.

Stay tuned for more blogs to give you an inside peak into the lives and minds of some of our esteemed professors and be sure to take the time to sit down with your professors outside of classroom time, they are pretty amazing people!

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