Students Financial Responsibility

When registered for any class at Walsh College, or receive any service from Walsh College, the student accepts full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees and other associated costs assessed as a result of the registration and/or receipt of services. Prior to registration, students are required to accept the terms, as laid out in the financial responsibility agreement.

Students using financial aid or any other form of tuition assistance are responsible to ensure that all required paperwork is submitted by the appropriate due dates. Submitting paperwork does not release the student's liability of tuition and fees. Students will be responsible for any balance not covered by financial aid or any other form of tuition assistance. This includes adjustments made in compliance with federal regulations or scholarship requirements or if a third party fails to pay Walsh College.

Dropping courses is the responsibility of the student. Instructors and advisors do not register, drop nor withdraw students from current courses. Students are not automatically dropped for non-payment or non-attendance of current courses. All future courses will be dropped if full tuition payment is not made by the semester end date.

Note: Walsh College does not mail printed statements nor send notifications prior to the payment dates. Students must view their account statements online via WebAdvisor to check their account balance. Students with a past due balance will not be permitted to register for classes or receive a diploma, certificate, and/or academic transcript.