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As a college student I found a passion for service, involving myself in various service projects both on and off campus to better myself and the people around me. College made it easy. There were always opportunities through the school and organizations I was active in. Unfortunately when I graduated and the “real world” came, my dedication to service screeched to a halt. I still had the passion but my normal outlets were hundreds of miles away (I moved to Ohio and traveled year round for my job). I simply didn’t know when, where or how to start.

As fate would have it, starting to work for Walsh College brought with it the chance to rekindle my dedication. Within the first months I was approached and asked about my interest to sit on a steering committee for a service event the college has been involved with for many years. Before I even know what I was going to be asked to do or what the event was, I said yes. Little did I know I would find such passion for the work I would soon be doing.

I am now an active participant (and hopefully longtime member) of the Focus: HOPE Annual WALK Steering Committee.

Focus: HOPE as an organization is celebrating its 45th anniversary of unity and breaking down the barriers of racial division to fight for a world of respect, justice and opportunity for all people. It is dedicated to raising awareness and providing aid for the neighborhoods of Detroit and its suburbs.

The 39th Annual WALK will be held on Sunday, October 13, 2013 starting at 11:00am. Registration is free, however, in honor of the 45th anniversary of the organization walkers are being encouraged to collect and raise a donation of $45 for the 4.5 mile walk. Focus: HOPE has set a fundraising goal of $125,000 which will go towards helping improve the community and the neighborhoods of Detroit.

Visit the webpage, read more, join the walk! Keep your eyes peeled for a follow up blog closer to the event that will be a call to action! As a college and a community of Metro Detroit we have a strong responsibility and commitment to doing what we can to enhance the lives of our fellow Detroiters!

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