A Generational Impact

When Mark Kopsch was a Farmer Jack warehouse receiver, he developed a plan to secure his future. He enrolled at Walsh College and began his pursuit of a Bachelor of Business Administration.

He didn’t reap the benefits of his degree until after he retired at the age of 50. But make no mistake, the impact of his decision was profound, and it passed from one generation to the next. His daughter, Laura Kopsch, followed in his footsteps and earned two Walsh degrees (BBA-MGT ’99 and MBA ’04).

Laura said the determination to complete her education came from watching her dad. “He was working, raising five kids, and going to school. He worked so hard. All I heard about was how much Walsh was teaching him. I could see his self-confidence growing every day. He was just a different person. I wanted to have that type of confidence too, and now I do.”

Laura, who is a marketing manager at Plante Moran, said what she enjoyed most about the journey of being a working student at Walsh was the learning environment.

“Walsh prepares you for what you’re going to face in the working world", she said. "When I completed my MBA, I walked out of Walsh believing that there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish."

Mark said he’s very proud of what his daughter has achieved and the impact he had on her decision to further her education.

“Walsh was a perfect fit her. She was working and going to school, and I knew the type of education she would get from Walsh was going to prepare her for success.”

Mark’s path to Walsh College started at Oakland Community College. After completing his associate degree, he was ready for his bachelor’s. He tried other colleges, but nothing felt right until he landed at Walsh.

“I just didn’t like the large classrooms that I found at four-year colleges, and to me, it seemed like no one was taking it seriously. I didn’t want to hear jokes or a lecture by a teaching assistant. I was in college to learn about the business world, and when I arrived at Walsh, on the first day, I knew that I was in ‘education heaven.’”

While Laura’s path was straightforward, Mark’s took a few more twists and turns. “I had a whole career before I got my first job using my finance degree,” he said.

“I wanted to be a stockbroker, and I had the chance to do that for a while. I was also in sales. Eventually, I landed with Rock Financial and became a mortgage banker. I retired as an account executive at Quicken Loans. It was an amazing ride. Walsh did what I hoped it would; it prepared me to grab the opportunity when it presented itself.”

Laura said one the proudest days of her life was attending her father’s commencement.

“I’ll never forget that day. It changed my life; it changed both our lives.”

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