The Student Hardship Fund was established to aid current students who have found themselves in a personal financial crisis that may require them to drop out of school.

  1. Student should notify the Financial Aid Office explaining their hardship situation. Hardships to be considered (but not limited to) are:
    a. Loss of employment
    b. Death of immediate family member (parent, spouse) who was helping to subsidize student’s educational costs.
  2. Student must be a current Walsh student enrolled at least halftime.  Halftime is defined as 6 credit hours for undergraduate and 3 credit hours for graduate students.
  3. Undergraduate students must have a cumulative grade point average at Walsh College of 2.000 or higher.
  4. Graduate students must have a cumulative grade point average commensurate with their degree program.
  5. The Student Hardship Fund is not available for non-degree certificate programs.

To apply, contact Janet Baker in Financial Aid.  The Financial Aid Office may require additional information.