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Honor & Sacrifice - Our Nation's Heroes

My Washington D.C. Experience

A few years ago I visited Washington, D.C.  One day I went on an evening monument tour.  All of the monuments were wonderful...

  1. Lincoln was larger than life.
  2. WWII surrounded you by the 50 states.
  3. Koren War memorial gave you the feeling of an unexpected coldness.

The Vietnam Wall - Heartbreaking Impact

However, for me, the most impactful was the Vietnam War memorial.  The start of the wall is really short.  Then as you walk towards the middle it gets taller then gets shorter as you approach the end.  Recall that the names aren't much larger than size 20 font.  The tour guide explained that in many cases people will leave mementos on the sidewalk and rub their family member's name on a sheet of paper from the wall. 

Walking along the wall for several minutes, I really began to realize the thousands of men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice.  It made me think about my uncle who was drafted for service in Vietnam and what he faced during the war.  My mom was only about 10 when he was there.  She recalls him sending various letters and now wishes she would've kept them.

Honoring Our Nation's Heroes

Our military and Veterans have sacrified a lot so we can have freedom.  November 11 is Veteran's Day.  Be sure to thank those who have served our country.  Help us honor our nation's heroes and Walsh Veterans by donating items for the Veterans Collection Drive:

  • New men's underwear/socks
  • Gently used men's clothing
  • Walmart gift cards* (Our goal is to collect enough to purchase 10 Sterilite cabinets for Vets Returning Home, Inc.  Send gift cards directly to the Records Office.)

Collection drive runs thru November 15.  Collection boxes are available at:

  • Troy Frankel Lobby
  • Records Office
  • Novi Lobby
  • UC Administrative Office

Gift card tally board located in the Frankel Lobby. 

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