Information Technology/Decision Sciences

Modern businesses need heroes - technology experts with the knowledge and skills to mitigate risk, develop and clearly communicate strategy, and solve complex business problems both now and in the future. 

You can be that hero.

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Walsh’s information technology/decision sciences (ITDS) curriculum goes beyond theory to incorporate extensive hands-on training with enterprise-level equipment and software. No term papers or calculus here. You will be armed with the knowledge and in-demand technical skills you need to make an immediate impact in any organization and propel your career forward.

IT/Decision Sciences Programs

Not all IT degrees are created equal. Choose wisely. The Walsh Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) goes beyond theory to provide real-world training on enterprise-level equipment and software, preparing you for what is happening now and in the future.

Gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to tackle complex technology challenges in 21st century organizations. Degree concentrations in cybersecurity or data science will prepare you to make an immediate impact, whether you are seeking a career change or advancement in your current field.

In technology, leadership matters. You will master the ability to communicate complex information and develop strategies to manage IT change and innovation through research, analysis, and evolution of the technical landscape, to lead at the enterprise level. Become the technology leader you would want to work for.

The Master of Science in Data Analytics (MDSA) enables the knowledge and skills to evaluate, interpret, and translate information to solve complex business problems and help organizations implement strategic, data-driven solutions.

The Cyber MBA combines business acumen with the cyber risk mitigation that is critical to success and survivability in the 21st century. You will learn to align strategic visioning, risk management, and process maturity to build resilient, successful organizations.

Earn two graduate degrees in one concise program. This program is designed to provide the technical skills, expertise, and comprehensive business acumen to strategically manage IT change and innovation and lead at the enterprise level.

Certificate Program

The Walsh Cybersecurity certificate will enable cutting-edge skills and knowledge needed to compete in today’s constantly evolving cybersecurity field.

Partnership Programs

The Master of Business Administration International Tech Program (MBA/ITECH) combines a specialization in data science from the International School of Engineering (INSOFE) with business management education from Walsh.

This interdisciplinary program combines elements of the internationally ranked Walsh MBA with a certificate in Technology Leadership from the renowned Kettering University. You will gain knowledge and skills that enable you to develop advanced engineering solutions to complex business problems.

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Flexibility and Personal Attention

Schedule your education around your life. Programs may be delivered in a variety of formats including 100% online, in person, in a remote synchronous mode, or a combination. Connected classrooms let faculty, on-ground, and remote students interact in real time. No matter how you attend, you’ll receive personal attention in small class settings.


Walsh faculty bring years of real-world experience to the classroom. In fact, 95% of faculty have or are still working in industry. You will be trained by seasoned professionals who continue to be thought leaders in their fields, and the knowledge and skills you gain will be immediately applicable in your career.

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Your professional network is a valuable asset. At Walsh, you have the opportunity to form lasting connections with professional peers, faculty and alumni, building a powerful network that will be with you throughout every stage of your career.

Walsh partners with over 1,000 local businesses and corporations each year to offer a variety of resources and professional opportunities.

We strive to ensure students have the resources needed to get ahead academically and professionally.

There are many options including grants, loans, and scholarships to help offset the costs of earning a degree.

There are many scholarships available at both the undergraduate and graduate degree levels.

As a transfer student, you’ve worked hard and now it’s time to take your education to the next level. At Walsh, you can transfer up to 91 credits.

FastTrack is an accelerated program that lets you earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in less time and graduate with the skills you need to jump start your career.