Applauding Alumni: Jane Harper

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Applauding Alumni:
Jane Harper, MSIA 2007

Jane Harper, MSIA 2007 


Jane Harper, MSIA 2007, has a title as complex as her field.  She is the Information Security Compliance Assessment and Advisory Services Leader for HAP, one of Michigan’s largest health insurance companies.  Quite simply, Jane is responsible for advancing HAP’s information security posture: directing, overseeing and guiding the insurer’s ongoing IT security protocols. Her day-to-day work is split between HAP’s Detroit HQ and its Southfield office.  It includes managing external threats from would-be IT hackers and ensuring information security compliance with existing industry and government standards (HIPAA, PCI, NACHA, etc.) in equal measure.  In addition to information security compliance issues, this energetic high achiever also addresses risk management and audit/assessment issues at large.


Previous experience with Ally Financial, GMAC, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield has given her a deep industry background in information security, risk, compliance and audit.  

Additional Satisfactions from the Field

Jane also serves as a member at large and a subcomittee chair of the Michigan Healthcare Cyber Security Council (MHCSC). The Council is an independent, public-private partnership involving hospitals and healthcare systems, payer organizations and physician groups in partnership with units of Michigan government.  The mission of MHCSC is to protect healthcare infrastructure in Michigan from cybersecurity threats at the same time it advances cybersecurity preparedness across the healthcare industry.

Reflections on Walsh

Two things in particular about her Walsh experience resonate with Jane.  The first is her abiding respect for Prof. Nan Poulios, who is both deeply knowledgeable about the IT discipline and inspirational as an educator.  The second is a vivid recollection of taking part in Walsh’s 2008 “Ethical Hacking Competition” as a new grad.  Already experienced in the IT field, Jane expected to do very well as a hacker.  In that Walsh forum, however, she found herself in the company of very talented kindred spirits.  Jane still giggles when she recalls that her hacking team finished no better than middle of the pack.


For Jane, life is very busy after hours, too.  For the past four years, for example, she has served as the Risk and Compliance Chair for the Board of Directors of Cornerstone Reality.  This wife and mother of three is also invoved in a number of benevolence activities; she tutors, mentors, and provides career advice.  Jane works with youth at the Waterford Church of Christ and participates in the national ‘Lads to Leaders’ youth development program.  Another great satisfaction?  Jane enjoys teaching opportunities at her church, introducing 3 and 4 year olds to the Word of God.   


When she has time to herself, Jane enjoys reading and writing.  Professional to a fault, she confesses that she’s just as likely to enjoy reading information standards manuals as anything else!

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