Applauding Alumni: Laurie Macaddino, CPA

Applauding Alumni:
Laurie Macaddino, CPA
Master of Science in Finance, 1990

Vice President, Corporate Audit and Compliance
Chrysler Corporation -
Auburn Hills, Mich.

When she began studying for a Walsh Master of Science in Finance in the late 1980s, Laurie Macaddino had changed careers, had a business, and was getting ready to start a family. She chose Walsh because it offered her a quality education, life balance, a business environment, and demonstrated serious career commitment to her employer.

“I wanted a quality education that would provide immediate value in my new position while balancing other priorities,” she said. “My biggest challenge was balancing work while taking as many classes as possible. While it was a challenge, it was also beneficial to be able to explore the issues that were current in my industry and work environment with other peers and instructor mentors.”

During her student days, the automotive companies were going through crisis. “Chrysler was on the brink of disaster. Companies had to find creative financial solutions to stay alive, and Walsh was there to help individuals gain the tools they needed.”

Macaddino earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Western Michigan University in 1981 and worked in auditing at Coopers & Lybrand before joiningChrysler. She advanced quickly through executive positions within Chrysler finance, treasury, and corporate audit, and became vice president of finance operations in 2008.

In 2009, she was named vice president of Corporate Audit and Compliance, reporting to Sergio Marchionne, chairman and CEO of Chrysler Group LLC and CEO, Fiat. In this role, Macaddino ensures that the vehicles Chrysler produces and sells meet financial requirements, including cost, investment, and profitability.

Macaddino said her Walsh degree made a strong statement to her employer and helped her to prepare to sit for the CPA examination. “The combination of the completion of CPA requirements and the graduate degree helped make a strong statement to my employer that I was serious about pursuing a career in accounting and finance,” she said.

“The strong business environment allowed me to learn from instructors who were active in the business world every day. Their ability to pair book learning with real life current issues helped to accelerate and enrich my learning experience,” Macaddinio continued.

On its 90th anniversary year, Macaddino said, “Walsh has been very relevant in the business world in the Detroit metro area, and continues to play an important role in helping build more successful careers while allowing individuals to manage their work and their lives.”

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