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How are you Using Mobile Technology?

Technology Changes
Like you, I have also become accustomed to the convenience of having a mobile device. My smart phone’s primary use should be to make calls.  However, I am using the other features of the phone more often.  For instance, I've frequently used it to check e-mail on the go or looked up store hours while around town.  As time passes, we grow more attached to our mobile devices.  Everything is becoming more “on the go.”  For example:

  • Checking e-mails strictly on PCs is becoming a thing of the past.  
  • We don’t have to wait until we get home to check prices.  Price comparison is as easy as scanning a QR code in the store to verify who has the better deal. 
  • Online purchases can be made on smartphones.
  • At one time laptops were used as a portable device for business travel.  Lightweight and packable devices such as tablets and iPads are now becoming more of the norm.

Classroom Changes
It has been awhile since I’ve been in the classroom.  However, my guess is that technology is changing the way students are learning, doing homework, and communicating.

  • Online classes include advanced technologies such as voice-over video PowerPoint slides.
  • Groups connect via text messaging, Skype, social media, and e-mail.
  • Research projects are commonly spent in front of the computer, laptop, or tablet.

Your Feedback
This brings me to a few important questions. 

  • How are you reading the Walsh student e-newsletter
  • Do you use a more traditional method with a computer or laptop? 
  • Or do you read it via a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet? 

E-mail me at jknapik@walshcollege.edu.  I’m interested in hearing your feedback.

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