Walsh College

VIP Registration Day

An opportunity for new students to learn relevant information and receive one-on-one registration guidance for the Spring 2018 semester.

Tuesday, Feb. 20 

Drop in between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. 
Troy, Novi, or UC Macomb locations

New Student Orientation

Exclusively for New Walsh College Students

Attend New Student Orientation to:

  • Prepare for a successful future as a Walsh student
  • Learn about important policies and procedures
  • Connect with fellow students, faculty, and staff
  • Get energized and motivated for your academic experience
  • Take a campus tour
  • Have your picture taken for your student ID card
  • Learn about Career Services and Financial Aid
  • Enjoy food and beverages
  • Take your Undergraduate Communication Placement Exam* or Graduate* Communication Assessment**, if needed

Note: The next New Student Orientation is this Fall 2018 - date still to come.

About the Assessment/Placement Exams

Both the Graduate Communication Assessment and Undergraduate Communication Placement Exam will be available for students to take before the start of orientation. Additional information about each exam is available on the registration page. If you plan on taking the exam you need to arrive no later than 5 p.m.

*Undergraduate Communication Placement Exam

All new undergraduate students are required to take a Communications Placement exam prior to registering for COM 320 Business Communication Methods. The placement exam must be proctored and will be available for students to take before New Student Orientation. If you have not taken the communication placement exam it is highly recommended you arrive early to take the exam.
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**Graduate Communication Assessment

All new graduate students entering the MAB, MBA, MSF, MSITL, MSM, MSMKT and dual MBA degree programs are required to complete the Graduate Communication Assessment (GCA). The exam must be taken prior to your first COM 510 or COM 525 (depending on the program) class session. Students who do not complete the GCA before the first night of COM 510/COM 525 will be administratively dropped from the course.
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Contact the Admissions & Academic Advising office: