Walsh Student Loan Default Rate Drops Again

The U.S. Department of Education released its three-year student loan default rate and Walsh’s rate has dropped more than a full percentage point to 2.3%, compared to 11.5% across Michigan and 10.1% nationally. Walsh’s student loan default rate has consistently fallen below both the Michigan and national averages for many years.

“Our students tend to be very fiscally conscious and only borrow what they need to cover tuition and fees,” said Catherine Berrahou, director of financial aid. “In some cases, that amount may be less than the original amount in their financial aid offer, but they don’t want to borrow more than they need to.”

Walsh is an upper-division institution offering internationally and nationally ranked business and technology programs. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a doctoral program and graduate-level business certificates are available.

Walsh has partnered with community colleges for more than 50 years to offer students a cost-effective pathway to a bachelor’s degree. Students starting at community college and transferring to Walsh to finish their bachelor’s degree can save between $35,000-60,000 on tuition, compared to four-year public and private institutions.

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