Technology Helps Walsh Transition to 100% Remote Delivery

While some universities and colleges are cancelling their next semester and others are feverishly working to bring courses and services online, Walsh has transitioned 100 percent of all courses and student services to remote delivery in a week’s time.  On March 13, Walsh moved all exams, classes and student services to a remote delivery format. Final exams were converted and administered remotely the week of March 16. Spring semester, starting March 30, will be 100 percent remote delivery and all Walsh locations will remain closed until April 20.  

Every Walsh student receives a Zoom Pro account once enrolled in classes. This has allowed uninterrupted access to resources such as: admissions and advising counselors, career services, faculty consultations, financial aid, free tutoring, library resources, and records. Student organizations have been converting on-site events to virtual events. Students can purchase books and return them free of charge online and use the Navigate Student app to schedule advising appointments, form study groups and receive account updates and other reminders. Walsh is also offering special emergency funds for current students in need.

“Taking care of our students’ safety is our number one priority,” said Marsha Kelliher, President and CEO. “With the technology we had in place and 96 percent of Walsh students already attending partially or entirely online, our online learning and IT teams expediently and effectively transitioned the school to 100 percent remote delivery of courses and student services. Walsh students can safely and seamlessly continue their education during these challenging times.”

Several of Walsh’s online degree programs, such as the Master of Business Administration, have received international and national recognition for excellence.

“For students experiencing an interruption in their education due to closures, Walsh welcomes you,” said Patti Swanson, Vice President and Chief Marketing and Enrollment Officer. “We hope to help you keep your academic momentum moving forward during downtime at your current school.”

Updates on Walsh’s response to the coronavirus are available at www.walshcollege.edu/coronavirus 

Current and prospective students can meet with an advisor by phone or virtually Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please email advising@walshcollege.edu or admissions@walshcollege.edu to schedule a meeting.

Registration for spring semester is open through April 5. Classes begin March 30.

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