12_31_09_Novi News_Winter Reg, MM, MSF MBA
12_24_09 Leadership Dinner in Oakland Press
12_23_09_Detroit Free Press: Dr. Karen Rhoda
12_17_09 Detroit News: New Trustees, Foundation Directors
12_15_09 Walsh Alumna Named Atlanta Business Rising Star
12_09_09 Hodges, Cook in Free Press
12_07_09_Walsh Selects Encyrption Security as VRIAL Software Vendor
11_30_09 Take Charge in GLITR
11_15_09 Crain's Features Prof. Wiechowski
Walsh IA program included in U.S. Navy article
10_28_09_Dr. Karen Rhoda Joins Walsh College
10_27_09 Prof. Hodges in Oakland Press, Detroit News
10_22_09 Detroit News Features Alumna Lisa Howze
09_16_09 Linked In Workshop in West Bloomfield Beacon
09_01_09_Linda Hagan to Direct Walsh Doctoral Program
7_09_New Foundation Members
07_15_09_President Bergeron in Detroit News Laura Berman column
07_01_09_Walsh Signs With Three Community College Partners
06_25_09_RO Mirror, Novi News Taking Advantage of Internet Tools
Alums Win Crain's 09 CFO of Year
06_18_09 'Take Charge' featured on WXYZ Channel 7 Action News
06_15_09_Detroit Auto Scene: Job Seekers Are Part of the Solution
06_08_09_'Take Charge' in Troy-Somerset Gazette
06_01_09_WWJ May Purchasing Managers Index
05_24_09 Free Press features Walsh IA Graduate
Greentree Gazette Interview with Stephanie Bergeron, Part II
Greentree Gazette Interview with Stephanie Bergeron, Part I
05_20_09 Greentree Gazette Walsh TV ads that get results
05_7_09_Dr. Hagan's "Takin' Care of Business" column in Novi News
05_02_09 The Oakland Press features Dr. Allardice
04_28_09 News from the Alley Walsh article
04_28_09 Automation Alley newsletter features Walsh College
04_09_09 Novi News 'Take Charge' Editorial
04_02_09 The R.O. DailyTribune Strunk Acctng. Fundamentals
04_02_09 Troy Eccentric_Walsh Responds to Needs of Community
04_09_Walsh Hosts Small Business Conference
04_02_09 Dr. Meadows' 'Takin' Care of Business' Column in Novi News
04_09_09_Novi News_Walsh College Steps Up to Help the Novi Community
04_01_09_Corp features Stephens School Visit
03_30_09 Results Statewide Economics Challenge
03_29_09_MACPA students meet grads at Walsh
03_31_09 Dr. Ronis featured in Neal Rubin's Detroit News Column
03_29_09_MACPT_ Accounting Not a Taxing Job for Troy Students
03_26_09_ Detroit News_Stephens School_A Peek at Campus Life
03_26_09_Results of Statewide High School Economics Challenge at Novi
04_28_09 News from the Alley Walsh article
03_29_09_MACPA Conference at Walsh
03_18_09 Walsh Hosts Statewide High School Economics Challenge at Novi Campus
03_22_09 Detroit Free Press features Dr. Allardice
02_23_09 Dr. Allardice on the economy: Channel 7 5 p.m. Newscast
02_21_09 Dr. Allardice on the economy: WWJ Newsradio 950 interview
02_15_09_Walsh Competes in Business Matchup_ACG Cup 02_12_09 Novi News Business Milestones: 'Take Charge' Workshops
02_08_09 Troy Eccentric: Sessions review Walsh degrees
02_08_09 Crain's: Where displaced workers can find help
02_08_09 Crain's_Colleges, Universities Guide Displaced Workers
02_06_09 Dr. David Allardice in Oakland Press regarding Purchasing Managers Report
02_05_09 Novi News Business Milestones: Take Charge workshops
01_29_09 Novi News: Business Milestones: Take Charge workshops
01_25_09 Free Press_Walsh College Worker Workshops Set 01_22_09_Troy-Times _Walsh Hosts Take Charge Workshops
01_21_09 WXYZ.com: Walsh Offers Free 'Take Charge' Workshops

01_21_09 FOX 2 News Web site: Walsh Offering Take Charge Workshops
01_19_09 Great Lakes IT Report: Walsh College Offers Free Workshops
01_16_09__Workers in Transition can 'Take Charge'
01_19_09_Affinity Groups in Crain's