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Jan 7 2013
New Year and Fresh Beginnings

It is 2013… a new year and a time for fresh beginnings!  For some it is a time to set goals and resolutions. For others it is a time to evaluate their career goals and the progress they have made.  Everyone has different goals in life and our careers.  I have often heard that thinking about your goals doesn’t always necessarily mean they will happen.  Generally there is a better chance of the goals being achieved if they are written down and/or family and friends know about them.  For many professionals, getting their degree is usually high on the goal list.

This year many will be heading back to the classroom in hopes with reaching their next career milestone.  There is a lot to prepare and accomplish beforehand:  registering, buying books, purchasing supplies, and checking the Advance Assignments.  Then the first day of classes arrives and it is time to hit the books.  As a Walsh grad, I’ve been in your shoes before.  There is a lot of work packed in eleven weeks: quizzes, tests, individual assignments, group projects, and presentations.  My advice for a successful semester is to plan and set small goals each week.  You will find that as time passes, it will be easier to hit milestones and you will eventually get the degree!

What are your goals for 2013?
After graduating, what are some of your career goals?


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