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On-campus recruiting (OCR) is when companies come to campus and interview Walsh College candidates.  These interviews are held at Troy and Novi campuses.  All OCR jobs are posted in WalshCareerLink.com

Note: Public accounting firms typically recruit in the fall.  If you are interested in becoming a CPA, you should participate in the fall OCR season upon enrolling at Walsh.

Accounting Students: Make sure you are on schedule - Click Here for the Accounting Recruiting Timeline


  1. Read and understand the policies below.
  2. Have your resume reviewed by a Career Services advisor.
  3. You must either participate in a mock interview or attend an OCR workshop
  4. If you are interested in public accounting, plan to participate in the fall recruiting season upon enrollment at Walsh

Eligibility--you must be a: 

  1. Current Walsh student enrolled in a degree program with a minimum 2.0 GPA
  2. Walsh alumni
  3. Current student taking courses toward the CPA exam


  1. View OCR PowerPoint found at https://myportal.walshcollege.edu/student_services/career_services/Pages/SignUpforInterviewsonCampus.aspx
  2. Attend an OCR workshop OR schedule a mock interview with Career Services
  3. Complete your WalshCareerLink.com profile and upload your resume


  1. Must be eligible
  2. Complete the requirements
  3. Apply to OCR jobs in WalshCareerLink.com.
  4. Look for emails from the system that indicate that you have been pre-selected
  5. If selected, sign up for your interview time slot in the system
  6. Read the policies and procedures below - OCR Guide is currently being updated

Policies For On-Campus Interviewing

The following policies are for all Walsh students and alumni that participate in on-campus interviews with company representatives. Future participation and Career Services assistance may be discontinued for failure to comply with these policies:

  1. Dress appropriately in business attire for on-campus interviews.
  2. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time. If there is an emergency that prevents you from being on time, contact Career Services immediately.
  3. Give a two-business day notice with a valid reason if you need to cancel an on-campus interview.    
  4. Do not sign up for on-campus interviews after accepting another company's employment offer in good faith.
  5. Do not accept a second interview after formally accepting another company's employment offer in good faith.
  6. You must not misrepresent or falsify your credentials or status to Career Services and/or employers.
  7. Show courtesy to visiting company representatives.
  8. Be courteous, cooperate, and maintain contact with Career Services staff.

Employers Generally Target the Following Groups

  • Internship applicants.
  • Students graduating within three semesters.

Career Services will be holding several On-Campus Recruiting / Interview Prep Workshops throughout the year. These workshops will explain what to expect at Employer Meet & Greet Sessions, On-Campus Recruiting (OCR), and the Career Fair. The workshops will also go over Interviewing Skills. These workshops will take the place of the Mock Interview requirement needed to participate in On-Campus Recruiting. Attendance at one of the OCR/Interview Workshops will be required instead of the one-on-one mock interview.

Employer Meet & Greet Visits

Employers like to schedule a date when they can come on campus to share information about their organization, internal office environment, recruiting process, and employment opportunities.  This is a great opportunity for Walsh students and alumni to network with employer representatives and gather information about prospective employers.

Click here for the current list of employers coming to campus.

As employers provide their job descriptions to Career Services, jobs and internships will be posted in WalshCareerLink.com