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Jun 18 2013
Online vs. On-Campus: Differences and Expectations

As an admissions and academic advisor I often get asked what the difference is between an online class and an on-campus class. In all honesty as a young student starting my undergraduate degree I had no idea either. We are so accustomed to taking classes throughout our schooling (K-12) in the classroom that sometimes the thought of an online class is intimidating or confusing.

Let’s take a look at some of the key difference between the online and on-campus style.


In Class


Student determines time, location and pace

Professor determines time, location and pace


Student views lecture online via visual/audio model (i.e. PowerPoint) at their own convenience. Professor cannot see students and will only know when issues with understanding exist if contacted

Professor delivers materials through group lecture. Able to immediately respond to question and confusion. Also able to see students visual reaction to the content.


Professors (or occasionally students) must provide opportunities to engage in discussion and interaction

Students are able to interact before, during and after class in person


Need technical support and skills to submit assignments that are not written on the computer (i.e. projects, homework, papers) 

Assignments can range from homework to in-class work. Ability to work in other skill development like public speaking and group interaction

Group Projects

Individuals complete tasks and combine work at the end because of separation in availability and location

Work can be completed both in class and at home based on availability. Professor can provide more immediate feedback


Caters to a busier work or personal schedule and provides the ability to go to a school that may be too far to commute to the campus

Students are able to have personal interaction with both classmates and instructor

In most situations, on-campus classes provide more immediate resources for students, however, may not be as convenient or attractive to a student with a busy schedule. While online classes provide that convenience they require a slightly different skill set. A student needs to be very self-directed and disciplined, possess strong reading and comprehension skills, have the ability to articulate thoughts and assignments through writing and a student needs to have digital literacy.

Walsh College prides itself on is not only its availability of both quality online and on-campus classes, but a 2+2 model where students will spend two hours in the classroom each week and the other two are done online, as well as a virtual blend model where some weeks class will be held on-campus and others it will be held online.

To learn more about our programs, visit an advisor at Troy, Novi or Clinton Township campuses for Walk-in-Wednesdays.

Sold already? Feel free to Apply Now and get your degree started online, on-campus or a blend of both!


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