Ten-Year Open Pathway Accreditation Timeline

The Open Pathway is one of three options institutions have for maintaining their accreditation with the HLC. It follows a 10-year cycle and, like all pathways, is focused on quality assurance and institutional improvement.

Note: Walsh was approved to move to the new “Open Pathway” process as of April 2012. Completing the progress report in 2013 based on the 2010 reaffirmation visit, Walsh began the open pathway cycle with the Quality Initiative project in Years 5-9 of the 10 year cycle. 

Years 1 Through 3 
  • Institution may contribute documents to Evidence File and begin writing Assurance Review 
Year 4
  • Institution submits Assurance Review (Assurance and Evidence File)
  • Peer reviews evaluate and recommend continuation or monitoring -- no site visit
  • HLC’s Institutional Actions’ Council (IAC) reviews and takes official action on the recommendation
Years 5 Through 9
  • Institution undertakes a Quality Initiative Report and repots on the outcomes of the project
  • Walsh completed a quality project from 2016-2018 to improve the quality of the MBA and student satisfaction in this program
Year 10
  • Institution submits self-study and evidence files for reaffirmation
  • Comprehensive evaluation conducted by peer reviewers -- with in-person site visit
  • HLC acts on comprehensive evaluation and reaffirms accreditation