The Powerful Impact of a Walsh Scholarship

For many people, scholarships and financial aid can mean the difference between being able to pursue a college education or not. Walsh is proud to offer a wide range of financial aid and scholarships, including the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation Scholarship, a full scholarship awarded to students demonstrating academic excellence. The DeRoy Testamentary Foundation was established in 1977 upon the death of its namesake, Helen DeRoy, who was highly regarded in metro Detroit for her philanthropic work. This year, the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation was honored at Walsh’s Leadership Awards Dinner, receiving the inaugural President’s Award for Outstanding Partner in Education. Two recent DeRoy scholarship recipients spoke at the event, sharing their experiences of how the scholarship impacted their lives and education. Here are their stories.

McKenna Cichocki

McKenna started her college career at a local school, a member of the honors program and living on campus. The day before her first class, she looked at her tuition payment schedule and the realization that even with her scholarships, she would still be $80,000 in debt when she graduated sunk in. She knew that no matter what, she did not want that for her financial future.

McKenna called the University Center at Macomb and spoke with an admissions advisor who helped her see a different path that began at Saint Clair County Community College and ended at Walsh. McKenna packed up her dorm room that day and started classes at SC4. When she was ready to transfer, she knew Walsh was the best choice for her, but was unsure how she would manage her studies and working to pay for school. She was amazed to soon learn she was being awarded the DeRoy scholarship.

“I remember smiling in disbelief and thinking, ‘Why me?’” said McKenna. “Because of this scholarship I was able to enjoy my time at school without the stress of loans and debt. I was able to experience college with my friends and focus on my studies with more time and energy.”

McKenna will graduate ahead of schedule in January with a Bachelor of Business Administration and minor in accounting.

Alex Roberts

As one of nine children is his family, Alex Roberts knew from an early age that if he wanted to attend college, he would need to find a way to pay for it himself. He began his studies at Macomb Community College with the initial goal of becoming an attorney. After one year, Alex discovered a love of marketing and started to look for a reputable business school in his area.

“The more I heard about Walsh, the more I fell in love with it,” Alex said. “The small class sizes, phenomenal transfer process, and convenient class schedule all helped convince me that Walsh was the school for me.”

After completing half of his undergraduate studies at Macomb with no debt, Alex transferred to Walsh and was awarded the DeRoy Testamentary Scholarship. He expects to graduate in 2020.

“Thanks to this scholarship, I have been able to continue working hard on my education without the fear of debt, overcome barriers, and achieve a better life.”

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