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Apr 7 2014
Daily Red Carpet Style (Part II)

This is a continuation from my last blog:  Daily Red Carpet Style.

Quality:  $150 for a Blazer?!

Let me qualify this first by saying that I don't spend $150 on blazers.  However, I do try to shop for better quality items for two reasons: They tend to last longer (think CPW = cost per wear) and the material looks better.  Although, I'm still very frugal and refuse to spend full price.  I tend to shop during storewide sales, wait to purchase items until I have a coupon, and search through the clearance racks.  If you're on a tight budget (who isn't these days?), here are a few of my tips:

Tip 1:  Get a student ID!  Many stores offer discounts which tend to run 10-15 percent.  Look at your favorite retailer's web site.  In many cases, I've learned about store discounts by overhearing a student making a purchase at the checkout counter or when they pull out their ID.  Note:  I have a few clothing retailers listed on this web page.

Tip 2:  Shop during end of seasons.  January and mid/late summer tend to be the best times when I've scored my biggest deals.  If you purchase things that are transitional, you can use them year-round.  The key is to stick with items that aren't super-trendy.  So if you purchase a summer shirt, it can be used the following year.

Tip 3:  Go to a retailer's web site and sign up for their e-mail alerts.  You'll receive advance notice about storewide sales, free shipping, and more.  Sometimes you'll get a coupon just for joining!

Deals:  A $70 dress shirt for $10!

Yes there are deals out there.  I'm a firm believer in not paying full price.  As business students, we know that all products have a markup rate so the company can make a profit!  Try to wait for an item to go on sale.  Sometimes you may have to search the web or wait a few weeks when they put the items you've eyed on clearance.  I've scored some amazing sales in this way.  Recently, I saw a collared button shirt for a sticker price of $70.  Passed it up the first time.  The next time I returned to that store it was on the clearance rack.  The store had an additional percentage off the clearance, so I got the shirt for $10!

Avoid Frustration:  Stick with Tried and Tested

We've all been there.  Going to multiple stores only to come out empty handed.  The experience can be stressful and mentally exhausting.  Patronize the stores you've had success.  Skip the others that you've tried in the past that didn't work out.  It saves you time and effort!

What have you found helpful when shopping for work clothes?

What was the best deal you got?


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