Interested in becoming a more efficient student? Wondering if there is a way to learn more effectively? Take a few minutes to explore these resources! 

Finding Your Learning Style 
    •  Learning to learn     
    •  Visual/spatial learning
    •  Learning "athlete" style!
    •  Learning as an adult
    •  Learning with ADHD
    •  Active learning
    •  Action learning
    •  Language learning strategies
    •  Exploring your personal learning style

Learning with Others 
    •  Collaborative learning
    •  Group projects
    •  Active Listening
    •  Conflict resolution
    •  Case study: Conflict resolution
    •  Peer mediation   
    •  Using feedback with tutors

Learning in the Classroom 

    •  Preparing for the classroom     
    •  Taking notes in lectures
    •  Influencing teachers
    •  Interviewing for class projects
    •  Consent form for interviews
    •  Problem based learning
    •  Using guided notes    
    •  Classroom discussions     
    •  Completing a class assignment     
    •  Paying attention (in the classroom)

Learning Online 
    •  Online learning: Questions    
    •  Taking online tests
    •  Netiquette


Note:  All modules are from the Study Guides and Strategies website. Walsh College is not affiliated in any way with the sources noted here, and assumes no responsibility for the content available on the websites listed.