How efficiently you read, how succinctly you think, and how you draw conclusions can impact your success.  These resources can help you develop the skills necessary for today’s fast-paced academic and business worlds.


    •  Reading critically
    •  Pre-reading strategies
    •  SQ3R reading method
    •  KWL reading method
    •  Marking and underlining
    •  Reading difficult material     
    •  Reading essays          
    •  Speed and comprehension 


    •  Thinking critically I
    •  Thinking critically II
    •  Thinking creatively
    •  Radical thinking
    •  Thinking aloud/private speech
    •  Mapping explanation     
    •  Thinking like a genius: Creative solutions, famous thinkers, and selected thoughts 


Improving Study Habits
    •  Effective study habits
    •  A.S.P.I.R.E. - a study system
    •  Index - a study system
    •  Studying with flashcards
    •  Studying with multiple sources
    •  Finding the right study space


 Studying Math 
    •  PEMDAS I
    •  PEMDAS II
    •  PEMDAS III     
    •  Solving linear equations
    •  Math word problems basic
    •  Math word problems first level
    •  Math word problems second level
    •  Scientific method: Case study
    •  Sudoku 数独


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