Writing skills are critical in the academic and business worlds. The ability to organize and convey your thoughts demonstrates your understanding of the material and your ability to use that information in a real-world setting. To strengthen your writing skills, use the resources below.

Managing Writing Steps 
    •  Stages of writing assignments
    •  Develop your topic
    •  Identify your audience
    •  Research
    •  Organizing with notecards
    •  Prewrite
    •  Draft/write     
    •  Proofread

Knowing What Kind of Paper to Write  
    •  Writing for the "Web"
    •  Five-paragraph essays     
    •  Expository essays
    •  Persuasive essays
    •  Position papers
    •  White papers     
    •  Research proposals     

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Transitions
Review the links below and test yourself with the exercises.  
    •  Spelling strategies     
    •  Commonly misspelled words
    •  There | They're | Their
    •  Too | Two | To
    •  "Y" with suffixes
    •  Prefixes and root words
    •  Suffixes and silent "e"
    •  Mapping vocabulary
    •  Transitional words and phrases
Using Research
    •  Writing research papers
    •  Researching on the Internet
    •  Summarizing reading
    •  Summarizing research
    •  Evaluating website content
    •  Organizing research: Computers
    •  Organizing research: Note cards

NOTE:  Walsh College does not allow plagiarism in any form. For the Walsh Honor Code, visit www.walshcollege.edu/About_Us/All research must be cited using in-text citations and references pages in APA format.

Note:  All modules are from the  Study Guides and Strategies website. Walsh College is not affiliated in any way with the sources noted here, and assumes no responsibility for the content available on the websites listed.