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  • Dr. Sheila R. Ronis is a Distinguished Professor of Management at Walsh College. She serves as the Director of the Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions at Walsh College, holding a special term appointment with Argonne National Laboratory University of Chicago.

    Dr. Ronis is president of The University Group, Inc., a management consulting firm and think tank. She also serves as vice chairman of the National Defense University Foundation in Washington, D.C. In June 2013, she was awarded the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Outstanding Public Service Award.

    Dr. Ronis is the former chair of the Vision Working Group of the Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) in Washington, D.C. As a Distinguished Fellow at PNSR, Dr. Ronis was responsible for the plan and processes to develop The Center for Strategic Analysis and Assessment; the place where the President of the United States will conduct “grand strategy” on behalf of the nation. 

    In July 2010, Dr. Ronis chaired a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) that presented the findings of the PNSR Vision Working Group Report and Scenarios which she edited, that outlined why foresight capabilities are essential to the workings of the Executive Office of the President of the United States.  She was awarded a Fulbright Specialist Scholarship and studied these issues in Singapore in August and October 2011.

    In August 2010, she chaired the conference: “Economic Security: Neglected Dimension of National Security” at the National Defense University that explored a “grand strategy” for a healthy U.S. economy. A publication based on that conference, edited by Dr. Ronis, was published December 2011.

    In November 2011, Dr. Ronis chaired a symposium at the National Defense University, Institute for National Strategic Studies, “Forging an American Grand Strategy: Securing a Path Through a Complex Future.” A publication based on that conference, edited by Dr. Ronis, was published in 2013.

    Dr. Ronis earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Mathematics and Education. Her M.A. and Ph.D. are from The Ohio State University in Large Social System Behavior.

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