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Dec 3 2012
Student Speaker Auditioning

Guest blog by:

Sharon Weatherspoon
Master of Management
June 2012 Student Speaker

It never occurred to me to consider auditioning to be the commencement student speaker.  My work and personal schedules were very busy and final exams were coming up.  After one of my professors nominated me, I had to give it some thought. I expressed my concerns to another professor.  He very politely reminded me that everyone has busy schedules and that should not be an excuse.  By the end of our conversation, I was really looking forward to the audition process and the possibility of being the student speaker.
Giving the commencement speech is not just about presenting in front of a crowd of 2,000 people.  This special opportunity takes the graduation experience to a whole other level.  If you feel that you have a good personal story to share, if you’re extroverted, and if you want to make your day really memorable –you should pursue this opportunity. 

Here is my Top 10 List of why you should consider auditioning:
10)  You get invited to a nice reception hosted by President Bergeron and Dr. Shields.  (They do an awesome job of putting this together.)
9)   Prior to commencement, you get to hang out in the VIP room.  You can mingle with the Board of Trustees, faculty, and other honorees (for me it was Lt. Governor Brian Calley).  Lots of pictures are taken and you will feel like a Rock Star.
8)   During the ceremony, you sit on stage among these amazing individuals.  Plus, you get to be in the commencement video.
7)   A special treat was having President Bergeron and Dr. Shields hood me (I still get chills at the thought of this.)
6)   You receive VIP seating for your family – a real benefit given the fact the facility is always filled to capacity.
5)   A really nice breakfast is served to the stage guests.
4)   Your photo and bio appear in the commencement program.
3)    Everyone knows you’re the student speaker – Super Rock Star!
2)   As time goes by, you will remember this special moment and always be proud that you were chosen to represent the graduating class.

1)  Just after you begin to get back into your normal routine without school, President Bergeron sends a wonderful congratulatory note plus a video and photos that were taken to commemorate this very special occasion.


Note:  If you or someone you know is a September 2012 graduate or December 2012 candidate, consider submitting a nomination.  Nominations for the January 2013 ceremony will be accepted thru Friday, December 7.  Contact the marketing department for more information: marketing@walshcollege.edu.  


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