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Santa Toy Express to Blackwell Institute

Season’s Greetings! 

The holiday season is upon us.  First it is Thanksgiving.  Next are all of the end-of-semester activities:  group projects, final presentations, and exams.  After your schoolwork is completed, priority shifts to the holiday festivities:  family gatherings, food, and shopping.  This time of year also reminds us to do something special for those in need, which brings me to a special memory from three years ago...

In December 2010, a College officer was tutoring a student at Blackwell Institute.  He questioned the student what she was most looking forward to for the holidays.  She indicated she was not celebrating, because her family couldn't afford it.  It broke his heart to hear the story. 

In an effort to make the student's holiday a little more special, the College pulled together and purchased a brand new toy for each student in the class.  An event I like to call "Santa Toy Express to Blackwell".  Every year a few staff members go to the school to deliver the gifts.  Upon arrival we gather the students in the gymnasium and Santa (a staff member dressed up in costume) greets the students.  He calls out each student's name and hands them their present.  We ask the students to wait to open until everyone receives their gift.  Once everyone has a gift, we count down, and the kids rip their presents open!

Out of all of the Blackwell outreach activities; this one is the most special to me.  It is a day filled with a lot of joy and excitement.  Seeing 50 kids opening presents is a priceless experience.

From the Walsh family to yours, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday season!

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