Community College to Walsh: A Quality, Affordable Path

I had almost completed my associate degree at Oakland Community College and it was time to start researching schools to transfer to for my bachelor’s degree. Before I started at OCC I had attended another local college for a semester. The experience tainted my entire view of college life. The classes were overcrowded, the professors made little effort to connect with students, and the environment on campus always seemed tense.

I had a great experience at OCC, but to say I was nervous about starting at a new school all over again was a massive understatement. I spent days researching schools, but in all that time, Walsh was never on the list of prospects.

Then I remembered seeing Walsh ads that were so creative and out of the ordinary for a business school and I found myself thinking, “I want to go to a school like that.”

Not Your Typical Business School

The idea of a “business school” intimidated me. I was worried the tuition would be too expensive or the people would be too rigid. Neither of those turned out to be true. When I walked into the Troy location for Transfer Advising Day, I knew that Walsh was the right choice for me. I had never seen a school as modern and welcoming as this.

Easy Transfer Process

I was surprised by how easy and painless the Walsh transfer process was. An academic advisor showed me which credits would transfer to Walsh (almost all of them), helped me plan my last few transferable classes from OCC, created a mock schedule by semester to help me see what my time at Walsh would look like, and kindly answered every question on my very long list.


I was shocked when I realized how much money I could save by starting at a community college and finishing at Walsh:

  • OCC + Walsh vs. public 4-year school: $36,000+ savings
  • OCC + Walsh vs. private 4-year school: $61,000+ savings

I also received two Walsh scholarships: the Community College Excellence Award and the Archie D. Waring Scholarship. It feels great knowing I won’t graduate with a mountain of student debt.

Personal Attention from Faculty and Staff

My biggest concern when I started was that Walsh’s online courses would not provide the personal experience I was looking for. Luckily, I had nothing to worry about. Walsh faculty interact with students throughout the semester, the online courses are well structured, and the small class sizes give you the opportunity to build a network with faculty and other students. My classes are packed with relevant, current material and hands-on learning experiences that I can directly apply to my career.

Professional Opportunities

Now, I am one step closer to obtaining my Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, I am the current president of the Walsh Marketing Association, and I am the Marketing and PR Intern at Walsh.

My internship gives me a unique ability to incorporate my perspective as a student into our social media strategy, build my writing portfolio, and learn and practice real skills that I will use in my career. This school has opened doors that I never thought possible and I am so thankful that I chose to attend Walsh.

My advice to anyone looking to transfer to Walsh is to visit a location, meet with an advisor, and talk to students. Walsh’s inviting culture, social and professional opportunities, and career services have given me a great experience. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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