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Jul 31 2013
Help! I'm Falling!

Does this sound familiar?

Week 1:  Opening remarks and you meet new classmates.

Week 2:  New course material is shared.  Doesn't seem too bad.

Week 3:  Meet with your group to study.

Week 4:  You have a mid-term.

Week 5:  Got your mid-term results back and it definitely is not the grade you were hoping for!

We've all struggled at some point during our academic careers.  The key is to getting over that hurdle is to get help as soon as you recognize the problem.  The College's eleven week semesters go very fast.  So you can find yourself sinking quickly!  If you're having difficulty understanding the course material, your quiz/test scores aren't what you'd like, or you just need some help, keep reading...

Student Academic Success Services focuses on providing a way for you to succeed in the classroom.  It features a variety of tutoring for all learning types.  There are free tutoring labs for certain courses, accounting lab reviews, and accounting workshops.  Plus low-cost individual and group tutoring.  For details, contact Maria Corace at 248-823-1132.

Summer Tutoring Lab Schedules:


Wednesdays @ Novi
6-8 p.m.

Thursdays @ Troy
6-8 p.m.

Saturdays @ Troy
10 a.m.-noon


(FIN 315, 510, MGT 579)

Thursdays @ Troy
6-8 p.m.


(QM 202, 301, 500, 503, 515)

Saturdays @ Troy
10 a.m.- noon

For more details on services available, please visit the tutoring web page.


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