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Vendors for Walsh College
Walsh College periodically evaluates vendors for a variety of business and college services. If you’re interested in bidding on future projects, please visit this page for updates on current RFP (request for proposals) for Walsh College.

Current Proposal Opportunities

Walsh College Novi campus is currently accepting proposals for Waste and Recycling Services.  Please submit bids by Friday, June 3, 2016 at 5:00pm.

Walsh College Troy and Novi campuses are currently accepting proposals for Pest Control.  Please submit bids by Friday, June 10, 2016 at 5:00pm.

Walsh College Novi campus is currently accepting proposals for Cleaning Services.  Please submit bids by Friday, June 17, 2016 at 5:00pm.

If you are interest in bidding on projects, please contact our Facilities Department at facilities@walshcollege.edu or call 248 823-1247.


Call for Artists
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Walsh College Novi Campus
Public Art Installation 

The Project

Walsh College Novi Campus is seeking an artist to create site-specific original artwork as part of the Walsh College Foundation Board Art Collection. The Novi Campus is a satellite campus for Walsh College and is located at 41500 Gardenbrook Road, Novi, MI 48375. This opportunity is open to established professional artists living in the Detroit Metro Area. Walsh College Art Committee must receive proposal submission by 5 pm on May 16, 2016. Hand deliveries will be accepted.

The Award

A $5,000 commission for the artist selected to realize his/her work.   Walsh College will own the artist’s work upon payment of the $5,000 commission.  The payment of the commission by Walsh College shall fully satisfy all of Walsh College’s obligations to the selected artist with respect to the creation and sale of the artist’s work.  All expenses incurred by the artist in connection with or relating to the creation, delivery and installation of the artist’s work will be the sole responsibility of the artist.    

 Project Intent

The location for the piece of public art to be installed will be inside the Novi Campus, as the focal point upon entry to the school (see photo below). The artwork will screen the window from the expressway traffic outside. See Walsh College Novi Campus Map attached. 

The vision for this project is for a signature art work of exceptional quality and enduring value located in a prominent campus space. This site specific art work should:

Demonstrate artistic excellence.

  • Enhance the main entry into the Novi Campus (north facing toward I-696) with a distinctive aesthetic experience both highly visible and welcoming to students, faculty, and guests.
  • Highlight the interior and provide a visual screen eliminating the site of rushing traffic on the expressway through the window.
  • Be an original art piece appropriate for indoor installation able to be adequately and safely displayed and secured.
  • Consider site limitations. Space is large and will require the selected artist to consider appropriate size for screening traffic, approximately 12’x8.5’.
  • Designed to be installed freestanding from the floor (furniture can be relocated); hung inside the window frame or ceiling; or adhered to the individual window panes.
  • Create a signature presence for the building. This can be colorful; incorporate an image or feeling of water and light; reflect on the natural environment; or highlight the importance of Walsh College as a Detroit metro business school.
  • Provide excitement and interest for the campus as a whole.
  • Celebrate Walsh College’s identity and rich history.
  • Reflect Walsh College’s mission and values.

Information about the Site and Immediate Surroundings

Walsh College Novi Campus is located off Meadowbrook Road south of I-696.

The Novi campus provides facilities for all students attending Walsh College including but not limited to classrooms, library, computer lab, bookstore, auditorium, admissions office, and break room. The majority of classes offered at Walsh College are in the evening with students attending from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The campus is located in a one story brick and glass professional building. The road to the campus services other office buildings. The campus is plain with a very professional clean exterior and interior. The interior colors include blue, green, pink, gray, brown, and white.  The Novi campus is set off the main road and is a building not entered without invitation or as student or faculty. It is secured after hours. Artists are encouraged to schedule a site visit.


The competition is open to established professional artists living in Southeast Michigan. Only professional artists with reviewable portfolios are eligible to apply. The artist selection panel will consider artistic diversity and alternative solutions and materials as factors in the selection process.

The Commissioned Artist will work with the Walsh College Art Committee, staff, and the Foundation Board to create this site-specific, durable piece for indoor installation. Applicants who wish to be considered for this project should have experience working with private or public collectors, in public settings, as well as a proven ability to fabricate their own work or to work with fabricators and installers. The artwork for this site must reflect the Project Intent as described above.

How to Apply

Artists interested in this project must prepare and submit the following:

  • Proposed Artwork Concept for Walsh College Novi Campus. This proposal shall include conceptual design drawings, sketches, and/or maquettes, sufficient to communicate the artist concept. It should include a budget and describe the specifications for the artwork related to materials, size, weight, installation requirements, proposed timeline, as well as, maintenance guidelines.
  • Letter of Interest, no more than one page in length, which explains your interest in the competition. Please include your name and contact information and state the format of your sample submittal (CD or DVD).
  • Artist’s Statement, no more than 200 words in length, describing your work.
  • Current Resume including contact information.
  • A list of at least three professional references familiar with your work and working methods. The list must include complete address or email address and telephone number.
  • Work samples on CD. All work samples must be submitted in either of the two following formats:
  1. A minimum of three with a maximum of eight digital images saved on one CD. Walsh College will accept JPEG file formats. All JPEGs must be sized at 250 dpi, 5”x7”. You must number and title each JPEG and include a description sheet with corresponding numbers. The sheet should list your name and the titles, dates, media, and dimensions of your work.
  2. Video(s) on a standard NTSC formatted DVD that plays in a DVD player. Video should be no more than fifteen minutes in length and each video on the DVD should be a single chapter. Walsh College will not view QuickTime files. Clearly mark the outside of the DVD with your name and title(s) of your work(s). Do not submit original work. Note: if you are submitting video on DVD, you may send up to two additional images supporting your qualification to create public artwork. Each JPEG must be formatted as instructed above and sent on a separate labeled CD with a description sheet.

Optional: Each artist may include up to three selections of support materials such as reviews, news articles, web links and other related information.

Submit all materials in a 10”x13” envelope. Do not use staples, paperclips, folders, or report covers on any application materials.

Walsh College Art Committee must receive proposal submissions by 5 pm on May 16, 2016. Hand deliveries will be accepted.


Walsh College Art Committee
3838 Livernois Road
PO Box 7006
Troy, Michigan 48007-7006
ttn: Andrea Richards


Walsh College shall not be liable for any cost incurred by the artist in the preparation of its submission(s).

Final Artist Selection:

Walsh College Art Committee will review the proposals and select an artist to create an original site-specific artwork.  One to three finalists selected by May 30, 2016. Each finalist will have the opportunity to present their proposal in person to the committee at their studio or Walsh College, whichever is preferred by the finalist.

The final commission of the artwork for the site will be awarded by June 30, 2016. This site specific art piece is planned to be installed at Walsh College Novi Campus for fall 2016.

Criteria for Selection:

  • An initial proposal that reflects Project Intent as described in this document.
  • A body of work reflecting artistic excellence.
  • Experience working in public settings is preferred.
  • Experience fabricating and installing permanent artwork suitable for interiors.
  • References provided as part of this application which will be contacted prior to final selection.

Walsh College is committed to excellence in environmental stewardship and in sustainable building practices. We encourage artists whose work addresses issues of sustainability to consider applying for this site-specific artwork competition.

Additional Information:

The selected artist will receive a Contract for the Commission amount, which must be sufficient for all remaining elements of the project including fabrication, shipping, and installation. Walsh College recommends artists review the Artist Contract form for this commission as posted on our web site. The selected artist will be required to execute this contract form with Walsh College.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Original Art.docx

Walsh College is under no obligation to award a Commission for artwork based on the Conceptual Design Proposals submitted. Beyond formal notifications, Walsh College will not enter into any correspondence regarding their decision.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please call Andrea Richards at 248-689-8282 or email at arichard@walshcollege.edu .

Walsh College shall be the sole judge of whether a proposal conforms to the requirements of this RFP and of the merits and acceptability of the individual proposals. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Walsh College reserves the right to take any of the following actions in connection with this RFP: amend, modify or withdraw this RFP; waive any requirements of this RFP; require supplemental statements and information from any respondents to this RFP; award a contract to as many or as few or none of the respondents as Walsh College may select; to award a contract to entities who have not responded to this RFP; accept or reject any or all proposals received in response to this RFP; extend the deadline for submissions; negotiate or hold discussions with one or more of the respondents; permit the correction of deficient proposals that do not completely conform with this RFP; waive any conditions or modify any provisions of this RFP with respect to one or more respondents; reject any or all proposals and cancel this RFP, in whole or in part, for any reason or no reason, in Walsh College’s sole discretion. Walsh College may exercise any such rights at any time, without notice to any respondent or other parties and without liability to any respondent or other parties for their costs, expenses or other obligations incurred in the preparation of a proposal or otherwise. All proposals become the property of Walsh College.