Walsh College

Benefits Authorization Form:  Submit this form prior to the semester in which you plan on using benefits.

  • It must be turned in to a Walsh College School Certifying Official (SCO) before enrollment can be certified.
  • It must be resubmitted each term for certification to continue.
  • If you can't submit online, a hard copy can be found here

CHAPTER 33 (Post 9/11)

  • Once your enrollment is certified, you are in VA queue for housing payments and your book stipend.
  • Tuition and fees are submitted to VA after the withdrawal period ends each semester.
    • You are only paid housing and tuition benefits for the days you attend courses. 
    • If the College receives tuition and fee payments from tuition and fee specific financial aid, it is reduced from the amount reported to VA.
    • If your receipt of a Title IV refund check is time sensitive, request early certification each semester and indicate that you want your tuition and fees reported early. The Early Certification Form can be found at here.
    • All payments from VA are prorated based on your percentage of eligibility.

CHAPTER 30, 1606, 1607


  • Walsh notifies your VA case manager (CM) of your enrollment through an online certification.
    • You must have a valid 1905 on file with Walsh at all times to be eligible to use Ch. 31.
    • Only classes that are part of your program, and that meet the individualize requirements on your 1905 can be certified.
  • Course Enrollment:  For courses to be certified, you must enroll in courses required for graduation and in approved programs. 
  • Suspending Certification: If you do not want to be certified for a semester, or indefinitely, you must notify a Walsh SCO in writing prior to the first day of withdrawal for the term.
  • Changes to Certified Enrollment:  Inform a Walsh SCO of changes to your enrollment in writing.
    • This includes, but is not limited to:  stoppage in attendance, drops/withdrawals, etc.
    • Include the last date you attended the course.  This information must be reported to VA.  If you do not provide this date, we will use the date the instructor submits to the College or the date the form was submitted.
  • Demographic and Degree Program Change:  You are responsible for updating both the College and VA of changes to your demographics (address, name, phone number, etc.) or if you change your degree program. Contact the VSC with any questions.
  • Benefit Expiration:  Let us know when your GI Bill benefits are exhausted.  Failing to notify us of your benefits exhausting could result in an over-payment, which could possibly put you in debt with VA.
  • Housing Allowance Eligibility: BAH is paid under Chapter 31 and Chapter 33.
    • To Qualify for FULL Housing:
      • Enroll in what VA considers full time enrollment
      • At least one course must not be considered distance learning
      • Be 100% eligible for the GI Bill
    • To Qualify for ANY Housing:
      • Enroll in what VA considers to be over half time.
      • If all of your courses in a term are distance learning, you will get 50% of national average.