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Veteran Experience is Priceless

Student life is so generic, but it encompasses so many people with a variety of backgrounds.  Even though we’re a business school, our student population is very diverse with:  medical, business, legal, and military backgrounds. 

Our Veteran students have lead very interesting paths in life.  They’ve been highly trained in their armed force sectors and offer invaluable experience to the classroom.  With a business degree they can soar to CEO status!  Additionally I’ve observed the VA Certifying Officials working with these students.  Walsh offers a very personalized approach to helping military members transition back to academia.  In addition to friendly service, Walsh makes it easy on the pocketbook with no application fee and ability to use military benefits.  There are a lot of local and College resources available on our Veterans web site

I have profound respect for the men and women that have sacrificed and served our country.  Three of my uncles have served.  Two were in the Army and one was in the Navy.  My mom has talked about letters that her brother sent over while he was in Vietnam.  She was a pre-teen while he was there, but doesn’t recall the specifics of what was in the letters.  However, it’s interesting to think what my uncles have been thru both emotionally and physically.  

My level of respect grew exponentially a few years back while on an evening monument tour in Washington D.C.  One word that sums up my experience:  AMAZING.  If you haven’t been there yet, highly recommend that you go.  The most memorable and impactful for me was visiting the Vietnam Memorial Wall.  The wall was very long and the names inscribed, couldn’t have been more than size 20 font.  All I have to say is “thank you” to those that have served the red, white and blue.  You will not be forgotten. 

If you have questions on how to use your military benefits, e-mail a VA Certifying Official at veterans@walshcollege.edu.

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Lauren Mileto on August 15, 2012 at 09:23 am

Loved this - thanks for posting, Jess! It's a privilege to work with veterans here on campus and I, too, have a profound respect for what they or their loved ones have done for our country (my brother included!).

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