Applauding Alumni: Victoria R. Scavone

Applauding Alumni:
Victoria R. Scavone
Bachelor of Business Administration, 1982
Master of Science in Management, 1993

Assistant Vice President, Enrollment & Student Services, Walsh College
2005 Distinguished Alumna

Thirty-five years ago, Vickie Scavone came to Walsh looking for a part-time job. In the ensuing years, she became a student, alumna, employee, and donor, always with a passion for the College and serving its students.

In 1977, as a full-time student at Macomb Community College, Scavone interviewed for a position as part-time secretary in Admissions. The interview occurred in the office she occupies today as assistant vice president of Enrollment & Student Services.

Work in the late ‘70s meant no computers, fax machines, cell phones, or Blackberries. “We used a Savin word processor, recorded registrations by hand on ledger paper, handtyped transcripts, and computed GPAs manually,” Scavone said. “The faculty submitted grades on individual 3” x 5” cards.”

After completing her associate’s degree from Macomb and working at Walsh, Scavone realized the importance of a furthering her education. “I bonded with the students and wanted to be just like them,” she said. “My interactions with students and faculty led me down the path of furthering my education.”

Scavone earned her BBA in 1982, the year that Walsh President Dave Spencer would name her registrar.

“That was a bold move,” Scavone recalled, “not only because I was a woman in a maledominated profession, but because I was only 24 and the youngest registrar in Michigan.”

In 1993, Scavone made what she called one of her best decisions – earning a Walsh Master of Science degree in Management. “When the assistant vice president position opened up, I would not have been considered if I didn’t have a master’s degree. My Walsh degrees gave me self-confidence, and opened doors professionally and within the College,” Scavone said. She was promoted to assistant vice president of Enrollment & Student Services in 2004.

Scavone’s philosophy of giving back to the College began when she was a student and continued as an alumna and donor. As a student, she was involved with the Student Council. After graduation, she joined the Alumni Association, serving as a director for four years and as president in 1991. In 2005, she received the WCAA Distinguished Alumna Award. She continues to give back to the College as a member of the President’s Club annual giving society.

“I am proud to be an employee and to have my degrees from Walsh,” Scavone said. “I care deeply for the College. Even after 90 years, the College remains focused on the student and true to its mission. I encourage my fellow alumni to give back to this wonderful institution, whether through financial means or volunteerism.”

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