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Jun 2 2014
Volunteering is Love

As another school year draws to a close, I’m drawn to reflect on this past year’s Blackwell outreach project

True Impact
It all started with a mission to help someone in need.  First, it was collecting 21 boxes of supplies.  Then it was organizing tutoring sessions.  I knew that we’d a done a lot for the school since 2008.  However, I didn’t really realize the full impact until I finally sat down to review my volunteer sheets.  I counted the number of volunteers and hours spent with the school. The numbers are staggering!  We’ve made a huge positive impact. Here's the summary:

  • 6 academic years
  • 12 classrooms
  • 250-plus children
  • 240-plus volunteers
  • 10,560 volunteer hours 

The 21 boxes of donations from 2008.

The numbers are incredible!  Plus, more than 44 tutoring sessions, donation drives, field trips, and activities have been held.  There has been improvement in reading, writing, math skills, and students’ eagerness to learn.

Volunteers are Amazing
One word sums this up – AMAZING!  Kudos to you who’ve volunteered your time, donated items, purchased toys around the holidays, or even dressed up as Santa or an Elf with red tights (Scott, Stan, and a special person who shall remain nameless).  YOU have helped make a lasting impact on Detroit’s youth. 

Stan Simek as Santa

Scott Wyckoff as Santa

Recently I went to Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.  I saw this brick in their volunteer garden and had to take a picture of it.  Volunteering really is love made visible… so thank you for all that you have done.

Brick at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.

So Long, Farewell…
The last few years I’ve put together farewell gifts for the kids.  They have ranged from bags with pads of paper, piggy banks to start their College funds, and goldfish crackers.  This year’s gift is bookmarks in celebration of them moving on to the third grade. 

The initial purpose of this program was to help improve reading skills.  The program has become so much more than that.  Yet, we still want to continue encouraging the students to read. 

What would you like to see for next year’s outreach project?

"Walsh Loves First Graders"

"College Funds"

"You Are O-Fish-Ally a Third Grader"

"We Love Third Graders"
"You're a Rock Star Third Grader"



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