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Walsh Student Perspective: MAB Candidate Jonathan Richards

Jonathan Richards has enjoyed his job as a librarian so much that he hoped to move into a managerial role in the field. But it required management experience or an advanced business degree, so Jonathan looked into Walsh. 
He enrolled in the college’s Master of Arts in Business (MAB) program, and it opened his eyes to limitless career opportunities. 

“It has been absolutely amazing and mind-blowing,” said Jonathan, who balances his Walsh coursework with holding two librarian positions and spending time with his wife and two young children. “I really enjoy this program.” 

The MAB program was ideal for Jonathan, who didn’t have a background in business but was eager to learn all he could. 

“It’s really appealing for those who are curious,” he said. “You get the skills to get you going and up to par. It teaches you how things work in the business field, whether you want to begin your own company or you’re ready to join a company.”   

Jonathan made the right choice. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, business degrees have consistently been a top choice for students pursuing graduate coursework. These degrees provide the necessary skills and education needed for graduates to succeed in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.  

Currently, Jonathan has completed a business communications and information technology course. He is currently enrolled in the 10-week overview course, which touches on a wide range of areas. The 10-week course piqued his interest in careers outside of the library field. He’s particularly interested in security risk management but also is considering a career in project management, consulting, marketing and sales, IoT, or starting a new business venture.  

Because the MAB program is online, he is able to schedule his coursework during times that work for him. But he’s also had a chance to network with classmates during Walsh events including a business etiquette workshop. 

And even though the program is online, he appreciates the ways in which Walsh professors reach out to him. He also has had opportunities to meet with a career services advisor both over the phone and in person.

“All of my professors have really been really helpful to me,” he said. “They really care about their students’ welfare.”  

Jonathan looks forward to continuing in the Walsh MAB program. He is currently taking one course each semester and plans to graduate in 2020.  

“This program has helped me do a lot of soul-searching,” he said. “If you’re thinking about a career change, consider Walsh. They are very cutting-edge and I’m just so grateful.” 

Are you looking to move forward in your career but don’t have the business skills you need to do so? 

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