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Veterans Knock Our Socks Off

Our military are remembered and recognized on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.  Activities usually include, but are not limited to:  parades, collection drives, and shipping packages overseas.  However, they're too easily forgotten the remainder of the year.

Spreading the Love

Valentine's Day isn't just limited to sharing with spouses or significant others.  It is a day to share some warmth and love for others we care about.  That is why the Records & Registration Office felt it was important to spread some love to the residents at Vets Returning Home, Inc.  Cards, socks, and chocolates will be delivered to them during the week of February 10.

Our Connection

Last year, Walsh began the connection, and our outreach program will continue to grow as time progresses.  This Roseville--based non-profit shelter provides a clean, safe and sober living environment for veterans.  The organization relies soley on donations and monetary contributions from businesses and individuals.  Click here if you're interested in helping their mission.

We Love Veterans 

If you're a Veteran and a student at Walsh, there are a lot of opportunities available to you.  Be sure to take advantage of them!

Many people like to do something special for their loved ones.  How do you share the "love"?

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