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Are you interested in pursuing a master’s degree, but have no idea how you’d be able to balance school along with work, family, and the rest of your life?  This concern is shared by many, so we at Walsh try to be as accommodating as possible.  Besides offering class times and locations that fit your schedule, here is some advice from current Walsh employees who balance both work and school.

  1. Set goals. At work, you set measurable goals, write them down, and review them to make sure you are on track. Why wouldn’t you do the same in your personal life?
  2. Outsource At work, your time is valuable. Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your core functions.  This is also true in your personal life. Evaluate the time-consuming household chores and outsource them.
  3. Set an Appointment Important work meetings are scheduled, set into your calendar, and reminder pop-ups alert you of your next appointment. Do the same with your personal life.  Schedule the bi-weekly phone call with your college buddy or happy hour with your work friends. It will be harder to break these personal appointments when the commitment involves other people’s time. 
Duc Abrahmason, Walsh College Alumni Relations Manager

Life is a balancing act.  When you mix in a full-time job, school, and family responsibilities, it gets even more challenging.  It can feel like your daily schedule is just eat-sleep-work-school. 

When I was a grad student, I was working full-time and going to school almost full-time.  So my days on campus were very long.  The days I wasn’t in class, it was going home immediately to do homework.  Not being married or having children made it easier for me to juggle my job and school responsibilities.  However, I’ve found there are a few things that can help you get thru it:

  1. Be organized.  This is important.  Creating a semester project plan and knowing deadlines can help manage your stress.
  2. Take a break.  Go for a walk, read an article, or watch a TV show.  Sometimes a short break gives your mind a chance to rest and recharge. 
  3. Have a support system.  Having family, friends, and co-workers you can count on makes a world of difference.  If you need help with something, ask.  Usually people are more than willing to help.  Especially when you have a lot on your plate! 
Jessica Knapik, Database Analyst, Records and Registration

Managing work, life, and school is no easy task. Just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean it is impossible. Just like many, I found myself in the situation where I had a private life, was working, and in school. I found it manageable by staying on top of my priorities. If I had an assignment due in a month, I did my best to finish it well before the due date. Having this mindset allowed me to stay organized in school, work, and my personal time. If someone finds themselves in the same situation, I would tell them to not get discouraged, stay ahead of your priorities, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Jon Grayeb, Marketing Intern


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