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Aug 12 2014
What Does your Workspace Say about You?

Ever wonder the real story behind someone’s work space?  Everyone has a different way of working and setting up their work space.  No one space looks the same.  Continue reading for a behind the scenes look at our own workspace!

The Before

Have you noticed it's unusually quiet during the day at the Troy Campus?  Due to the upcoming construction, the student service offices have been temporary moved to the former Division of Online Learning space (near the bookstore).  Maybe you've seen our new signage?!

The Online Learning space is smaller than the original section of the building that housed these departments:  Admissions & Advising, Business Office, Career Services, Financial Aid, Records, and Student Life.  So it obviously only allows space for so many people.  Approximately 80 staff members recently moved to an offsite location for the duration of the construction project.  Those of us who moved to the offsite location, we started with workspaces with desks similar to this one.

First things that came to mind were that the cubicles were impersonalized and empty.  Once the 80 cubicles were set up with computers and phones and people brought their personal belongings, the stations were no longer plain or empty!  They now host a wide variety of electronics (PCs, laptops, smartphones, head phones), paperwork, decorations, and more.

The After

Most people like to set up their desk so it's comfortable and a productive zone, yet still represents them personally.  Once everyone got settled in, you could really see that everyone has a different way of working.  As I walk around our cubicles I'm noticing that set-up preferences vary, sometimes drastically.  Take a look at these two Walsh staff members' workstations.

Duc Abrahamson, Manager of Student & Alumni Relations

Duc's Desk

As you can see, Duc's space has a lot going on.  Magazine, newspaper, laptop, PC, and headphones just to list a few.  I questioned what she'd consider the one special thing about the workspace.

"I have a quote written on a yellow sticky and taped to my computer screen.  Are you working on something right now to help you achieve your goal?  This keeps me focused, on task, and moves me towards all that I want to accomplish at work and in life."  --Duc Abrahamson

So many of us can relate to this.  I know I can.  Nowadays it is so easy to get distracted by trying to multi-task.  It's a good reminder to try and stay on target.  To help accomplish this goal, I have a pad of paper next to my mouse.  When I get an idea or remember a project that I need to work on, instead of switching gears, I write it down.  Having a task list really helps with prioritizing and accomplishing goals each day!


Jessica Knapik, Database Analyst

Jessica's Desk

Some may think that my work station is relatively clean and pretty much free of clutter.  The majority of my work is done on the computer - running queries, working on spreadsheets, managing web pages, writing e-newsletters/blogs, uploading social media content, etc.  So passersby wouldn't see much paper on my desk.

There are a few things on my desk that bring a smile to my face.  Three things are artwork from The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection.  Her designs are very whimsical with inspirational phrases.  You see, my love for art started at an early age.  I enjoyed making art and using a variety of media (pastels, colored pencils, graphic sketching pencils, acrylic paint, photography, etc.)  I took several art classes in K-12 and was fortunate to have a good high school art teacher.  She was instrumental in expanding my knowledge beyond art.  She took the time to mentor me and went the extra mile to teach me more than what was taught in the classroom.  She also encouraged me to get involved in a vocational club and do an art demonstration competition.  That was my first experience with presentations and blending business with art.

Not many know that my original career goal was to work in an art-related field.  However, the field is very competitive and doesn't always provide a stable income.  After thinking about it and with a little encouragement from my mom, I decided to go into the business field.  I've been lucky to incorporate my creative and art skills at Walsh (i.e., creating flyers, making special things for the Blackwell Institute students, etc.)

What kinds of personal items do you have on your desk?

How many items with a Walsh College or alumni association logo can you spot in the photos?  The first 5 people to e-mail me at jknapik@walshcollege.edu (include first and last name with mailing address) will receive a prize!  Hint:  Look closely.


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