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Dual Degree MBA / MSM

Dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Management

Walsh College offers a dual degree program for students interested in pursuing both an MBA and MSM degree at the same time. The Walsh College Dual MBA/MSM degree consists of 18 courses for 54 semester credit hours. Upon successful completion of all required and graduation requirements, both degrees will be awarded.

The Dual MBA/MSM degree requires a minimum of 42 semester credit hours of core and concentration credits in residence at Walsh College.

Graduate Communication Assessment

The graduate communication assessment must be taken prior to your first COM 510 Communication and Success Strategies class session. There is no fee associated with this assessment. 

The graduate communication assessment is a tool designed to measure written communication skills. Students will select from two topic essays, appropriate for graduate students, which will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Grammar and mechanics
  • Style
  • Organization and development

The graduate communication assessment may be taken at the Troy Campus Testing Center, the Novi Campus Library, or an approved external testing site. An appointment is required. 

Appointments made be scheduled at the Troy Campus Testing Center using this link: https://www-secure.walshcollege.edu/Test_Scheduling/.  For the Novi Campus, please contact the Administrative Office at 248-349-5454 to schedule an appointment to take the assessment at the Novi Library. Proctors and locations external to Walsh College must be pre-approved by the Walsh College Testing Center. Click here for additional information and guidelines for securing an out-of-area proctor.

Please refer to your admission packet for more information regarding the graduate communication assessment. 

Dual MBA/MSM Core

 Gateway Courses
 ACC 508 Introduction to Accounting*
 COM 510 Communication and Success Strategies*

*Graduate Gateway Courses: Both ACC 508 and COM 510 must be completed with a "B" (3.000) or higher to continue on in the Dual MBA/MSM program.

 Core Courses
 ACC 505 Managerial Accounting
 ECN 523 Global Economics
 FIN 510 Financial Management 
 FIN 515 Financial Markets and Institutions
 IT 520 Information Technology
 MGT 501 Management
 MGT 565 Operations Management
 MGT 670 Designing & Leading Competitive Organizations
 MGT 680 Strategic Management: Audit of an Organization
 MKT 550 Marketing Fundamentals
 MKT 555 Marketing Application and Metrics
 QM 520 Business Analytics 
A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000 must be earned while in residence. All other courses must be completed with a "C" (2.000) or higher.

Dual MBA/MSM Concentrations - Select One 

The following concentrations are available. Students must meet course prerequisites. 

Human Resource Management

The Human Resources Management concentration is intended for students who are pursuing HR careers. All students pursuing this concentration must complete four courses in the Human Resource Management concentration. 

Human Resources Management
 MGT 555 Global Human Resources Management
 MGT 557 Labor Relations
 MGT 558 Managing Employee Development and Training 
 MGT 559 Managing Total Compensation
 MGT 610* Human Resources Management Capstone

*Students pursing a Human Resource Management Concentration replace MGT 680 (Strategic Management: Audit of an Organization) with MGT 610.

International Business

The International Business concentration is intended for students who work for a multinational or global organization. All students pursuing this concentration must complete all courses in the International Business concentration.

International Business
 IB 514 Foundations of International Business
 IB 535  International Management
 IB 571 Management of Information Assurance in a World of Globalization
 MGT 555 Global Human Resources Management 

Strategic Management

The Strategic Management concentration is intended for students who aspire to work at the most senior levels of an organization. All students pursuing this concentration must complete all courses in the Strategic Management concentration.

Strategic Management 
 MGT 546 Strategic Management of Organizations as Complex Adaptive Systems
 MGT 547 Strategic Management of Human, Structural, and Relationship Capital
 MGT 548 Strategic Management of Knowledge and Innovation
 MGT 549 Managing Strategic Renewal and Change

No GMAT Required

We evaluate your application in a careful review of what you have accomplished since graduating from college, together with your academic record in your other degree programs. Those are much better indicators of your success as an MBA student than a formal test score.

View graduate admission requirements or contact the Admissions & Advising office to schedule an appointment:




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