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Master of Science in Accountancy


Master of Science in Accountancy

Graduates of our Master of Science in Accountancy program benefit from a reputation for strong accounting skills earned over our 90 years of placing accounting professionals with firms in Michigan.

Degree Tracks

Walsh College offers two distinct tracks in the Master of Accountancy program:

View graduate admission requirements or contact the Admissions & Advising office to schedule an appointment with an Accounting Advisor:


Master of Science in Accountancy (MAC)

  • 12-15 courses for a total of 36-45 credit hours dependent on previous accounting coursework completed.
  • If you have previous courses in accounting,  you may be required to submit your CPA licensure or take a Walsh College accounting placement exam.
  • MAC foundation courses will be required if you do not have previous accounting courses.
 Foundation Courses
 ACC 500 Financial Accounting
 ACC 501 Intermediate Accounting I
 ACC 502 Intermediate Accounting II

 Core Courses
 ACC 503 Financial Accounting Concepts
 ACC 506 Accounting Information Systems
 ACC 511 Business Communications
 ACC 512 Government and Not-for-Profit
 ACC 515 Auditing
 ACC 518 Accounting Communications
 ACC 519 Advanced Managerial Accounting
 ACC 520 International Accounting
 TAX 595 Tax and Business Taxation I 
 TAX 596 Tax and Business Taxation II

 Elective Courses - 2 Required
 Choose two electives from the following:
 ACC 550, 574, 576, 577, 578, 579, 580 or TAX 597, 598
* Students who elect to earn a specialization in Taxation are required to complete TAX 501 and two additional 500-level Tax courses.

Master of Science in Accountancy for Accounting Graduates

  • 10 courses for a total of 30 credit hours.
  • Completion of the Walsh College accounting placement exam is required to determine correct placement into accounting courses. Walsh College Bachelor of Accountancy graduates and applicants with CPA licensure are not required to complete the accounting placement exam.

 Foundation Courses - 15 credits
 ACC 503 Financial Accounting Concepts
 ACC 511 Business Combinations
 ACC 512 Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting
 ACC 515 Auditing
 ACC 518 Accounting Communications
 ACC 520 International Accounting
 ACC 550 Advanced Auditing
 ACC 576 Business Ethics for Accountants
 ACC 577 Payroll and Employee Benefits
 ACC 578 Accounting for Income Taxes
 ACC 579 Excel for Accountants
 ACC 580 Executive Compensation - ACC & TAX

 Specialization Required
 Must choose Finance or Taxation Specialization - 15 Credits
 Finance FIN 506, 510, 515, 521 and one FIN course from list below.
  FIN 502, 504, 551, 587, 589, 590
 Taxation TAX 501, 507, 596, 597, 598, 599

Accounting Faculty

Walsh College faculty offer students access to their extensive business knowledge and experience. Meet the Walsh College Accounting Faculty.

CPA Requirements

Under a new public law in Michigan passed in 2010, persons wishing to be designated as certified public accountants (CPAs) no longer have to have one year (2000 hours) of experience working at a certified public accounting firm. The 2000-hour requirement may now be fulfilled through qualified experience in government, industry, academia or public practice. This is good news if you wish to develop a career path which includes becoming a CPA but not limited to working at a CPA firm. For more information, visit www.walshcollege.edu/cpa.

Employment in Accounting

As business and the economy expand, the need for accountants and auditors will rise. The demand for accounting professionals is expected to increase through 2014. Much of this growth is the result of additional governmental controls and renewed emphasis on accountability and independent auditing in the wake of corporate and Wall Street scandals.

Walsh College Alumna

Ivan Guner, MSA '84
Senior Vice President, Global Business Finance
Oracle Corporation

"For me, it was significant to learn about real-life experience in the business world. At Walsh, you get a balance between what is in the book and what happens in real life. The Walsh experience prepares students for the real world and that is important."



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