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About Walsh Faculty

Walsh students are taught by over 175 full time and adjunct instructors who have real-world experience.  As a Walsh Faculty member, having knowledge of the organization and the resources available to you not only will make you effective in the classroom, but allow you to contribute to the organization. 

Get in touch

Phone: 248-823-1635 
Fax: 248-689-0920
E-mail: facultysupport@walshcollege.edu

Important Dates

  • Mar. 8: Curriculum Committee
  • Mar. 9: Academic Administration Movie Night
  • Mar. 20: WI18 Semester Ends
  • Mar. 22: Faculty Senate Meeting, Full Faculty Meeting
  • Mar. 26: Grades Due by 5 p.m.
  • Apr. 2: Spring 2018 Semester Begins
  • Apr. 12: Curriculum Committee
  • Apr. 19: Curriculum Committee
  • Apr. 26: Faculty Senate Meeting, Full Faculty Meeting, WI18 Grade Change/Incomplete Deadline
  • May 10: Curriculum Committee
  • May 24: Faculty Senate Meeting, Full Faculty Meeting
  • May 28: Holiday Recess (no classes)