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About Walsh Faculty

Walsh students are taught be over 150 full time and adjunct professors who have real-world experience. As a Walsh faculty member, having knowledge about the College and resources available to you will not only make you effective in the classroom, but will allow you to contribute in a meaningful way to supporting the mission and values of the College.

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Phone: 248-823-1635 
Fax: 248-689-0920
E-mail: facultysupport@walshcollege.edu

Important Dates

  • Feb. 7: Curriculum Committee
  • Feb. 22: Adjunct Pay Date
  • Feb. 28: NILOA Coach Visit
  • Feb. 27: Faculty Senate Meeting
  • Mar. 5: Black History Month Celebration
  • Mar. 21: Curriculum Committee Meeting
  • Mar. 21: Faculty Senate Meeting
  • Mar. 22: Adjunct Pay Date