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BBA - General Business


Bachelor of Business Administration

Our General Business degree is for the person who isn't ready to specialize but wants a broad set of skills needed to start a successful business career. Coursework in accounting, economics, finance and communication prepared you for many different careers, including purchasing agent, customer service manager, supervisors, or sales manager.

Customize the BBA for Your Interests
Our business degree is uniquely customizable. After completing the required BBA courses, you can choose elective courses from any 300 or 400 level class we offer. Some students take a variety of courses while others specialize in one area - such as information technology, or marketing. This flexibility allows you to make the most of any previous college credit while letting you learn more in individual areas that interest you. 


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Salary Expectations
Starting salaries for students graduating with bachelor’s degrees in general business range from $33,000 per year to $43,600 per year. With six or more years of experience salary ranges increase to $50,000 to $88,000 per year. Salaries vary greatly depending on each graduates place of employment and particular career path.

BBA - General Business Program Format
You need to earn 127 semester credit hours to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in General Business. Including the transfer of up to 82 credit hours and a minimum of 45 credit hours (15 courses) taken while in residence at Walsh College. The general business program requires completion of all courses in the professional core and major.

Equivalency guides outline the courses transferable to Walsh as prerequisites to advanced course work and for completion of degree requirements. The * courses are typically transferred from a community college or another accredited educational institution. Additional transfer equivalencies may be established depending on the courses taken and the transfer tuition. <!-- End ad tag -->

 Professional Core

ACC 201    Principles of Accounting I*
ACC 202    Principles of Accounting II*
ACC 310    Managerial Accounting*
BIT 305      Business Computing Tools*
BIT 335      Business Driven Technology
BL 420    The Legal and Tax Environment of Business
MGT 461    Business Strategy and Policy
COM 210   Principles of Business Communications*
COM 300   Communications Essentials**
COM 320   Business Communication Methods 
COM 340   Professional Communication 
ECN 201    Principles of Economics I* 
ECN 202    Principles of Economics II* 
FIN 310      Financial Markets
FIN 315      Financial Management
MGT 201    Principles of Management* 
MGT 303    Behavioral Management* 
MKT 202    Principles of Marketing* 
QM 202      Statistics Methods for Business*
QM 301      Statistical Inference for Management Decisions 
Elective        Any 400 level course at Walsh College not already required.
**COM 300 is required of all students who score below 4 on the Walsh College communications placement exam.

 Core Courses
Three electives courses from any degree program which must be taken in residence at Walsh College and must be 300 or 400 level course work not already required.