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Get Your Bachelor of Accountancy Degree (BAC)

Our Bachelor of Accountancy Degree (BAC) gives you the increasing depth of skills needed to practice as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

The business world is becoming more complex. Our program will help you master that complexity. Our degree program satisfies the Certified Public Accountant license requirements while providing you with the business background and extensive accounting skills necessary for success as a CPA. 

Bachelor of Accountancy Program Format
Earning a Bachelor of Accountancy degree requires a total of 127 semester credit hours.  The 127 credit hours include courses in the professional core and the program core. 

The * courses are typically transferred in from a community college or another accredited educational institution. Equivalency guides outline the courses transferable to Walsh as prerequisites to advanced course work and for completion of degree requirements. Learn more.

 Professional Core

ACC 201      Principles of Accounting I*
ACC 202      Principles of Accounting II*
ACC 310      Managerial Accounting*
BIT 305        Business Computing Tools*
BIT 335        Business Driven Technology
COM 300     Communications Essentials**
COM 210     Principles of Business Communications*
COM 320     Business Communication Methods 
ECN 201      Principles of Economics I*
ECN 202      Principles of Economics II*
FIN 315        Financial Management
MGT 201     Principles of Management* 
MGT 303     Behavioral Management* 
MKT 202     Principles of Marketing* 
QM 202       Statistics Methods for Business*

**COM 300 is required of all students who score below 4 on the Walsh College communications placement exam.

 Core Courses

ACC 301     Intermediate Accounting I 
ACC 302     Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 303     Financial Accounting Concepts 
ACC 406     Accounting Information Systems 
ACC 411     Business Combinations 
ACC 412     Government  and Not-for-Profit Accounting
ACC 415     Auditing
ACC 418     Accounting Communications 
ACC 419     Advanced Managerial Accounting 
BL 301        Business Law I 
BL 302        Business Law II 
TAX 495     Tax and Business Taxation I 
TAX 496     Tax and Business Taxation II
TAX 497     Tax and Business Taxation III

Walsh College faculty offer students access to their extensive business knowledge and experience. Meet the Accounting Faculty.

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CPA Requirements
Under a new public law in Michigan passed in 2010, persons wishing to be designated as certified public accountants (CPAs) no longer have to have one year (2000 hours) of experience working at a certified public accounting firm. The 2000-hour requirement may now be fulfilled through qualified experience in government, industry, academia or public practice. This is good news if you wish to develop a career path which includes becoming a CPA but not limited to working at a CPA firm. For more information, visit www.walshcollege.edu/cpa.

Student Involvement
Join the Walsh College Accounting & Taxation Student Organization (ATSO).  Connect with students, network, volunteer opportunities and learn from guest speakers.

Opportunities for Employment Our accounting graduates either work at public accounting firms, or large corporations. Some work in local, state or federal government. Others choose to “hang out a shingle” and become self-employed CPAs. New government regulations have created additional controls over boards of directors and corporate conduct that require the skills of accountants to implement.

Salary Expectations
The National Association of Colleges and Employers report these starting salary expectations:

  • Average salary range for accounting graduates: $37,000-52,000. 
  • Average salary in public accounting: $40,058. 

Salaries greatly increase with experience: 

  • Public accounting firm partners can start as high as $128,800
  • The average starting salary for an experienced partner is $276,000.

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Walsh College Alumna

Rebecca Sorensen, BAC '85
Institutional Consultant, Senior VP of Investments and Wealth Advisor
UBS Financial Services

"There was a time in my life that I never believed I would graduate from College. Walsh believed in me and supported me financially. The help I received was not only monetary but also emotional and made a tremendous difference in how I saw the world and myself. I truly believe that with enough effort, most people can achieve what they dream. This is true for current students and for alums. Dream big, work hard, and develop a financial plan that will take you to where you want to go."

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