Walsh College

Cost of Attendance

An estimated cost of attendance is established each year in accordance with federal regulations.  The estimated cost of attendance is used when determining financial aid eligibility.

The following costs are an estimate for each term in the 2014-2015 academic year and are based on full time enrollment. 

Program Level   

Tuition & Fees


Books & Supplies 


Living Allowance 


 Total Per Term

















Tuition & Fees:  Undergraduate tuition is based on 12 credits at $400 per credit hour per term.  Graduate tuition is based on 9 credits at $673 per credit hour per term.  A registration fee of $125 is assessed per term.

Books & Supplies:  Book and supplies can vary depending on student’s course schedule.  Students can reduce the cost of books by buy used books or renting their books.

Living Allowance:  The estimated living allowance above is for a student who is living with parents.  The amount includes expenses such as home maintenance, transportation, clothing, personal hygiene, telephone, etc.  The home maintenance expense can vary depending on the living arrangement of the student.  For a student who is not living with parents the living allowance used is $6,443.