Walsh College

Hire Walsh Students & Graduates

Walsh College offers a variety of services to help employers find qualified candidates for a variety of business professions. Our mission is to deliver a business education that integrates application and theory to prepare graduates for successful careers. Employers find this unique approach to education produces candidates who are better equipped to contribute immediately in their new positions. In fact, over 1,000 companies recruited at Walsh in the 2010-11 academic year, and more than 2,300 job opportunities were posted to recruit from our students and graduates.

Recruitment Services for Employers – The Walsh Advantage
  • Hire interns, entry level, and veteran executives.
  • Access more than 4,000 students and 22,000 experienced alumni residing in southeastern Michigan.
  • Most Walsh students are working professionals offering experience, targeted competencies in a specific business discipline as well as effective time management skills gained through working and attending school simultaneously.
Walsh provides a business education that integrates application and theory, offering graduates who are equipped to immediately add value.

Job Postings
Advertise your available positions by completing the job listing form. Job listings are posted daily on eRecruiting and remain active for 90 days or until Career Services is notified to close the position.

Résumé Database

When you post professional positions, you can request access to our student/alumni résumé database.

Career Fairs
Walsh College hosts two career fairs annually. The Troy campus fair is held in the fall and the Novi campus fair is held in the spring. Contact Career Services for details.

On-Campus Recruiting

Interview on campus and let us handle the details of your interview schedule. You will find a pleasant environment with no interruptions.  You choose the number and length of interviews, basic qualifications, and pre-selection criteria for screening candidates.

Company Presentations/Information Sessions 

Inform students and graduates about your company and the opportunities you have to offer by hosting a presentation at our Troy or Novi campus.

Career Information Table/Meet & Greet
Reserve a date to recruit from the career information table in the lobby at our Troy or Novi campus.

Salary Information

Inquire about assistance with job descriptions or salaries.