Walsh College

Master of Business Administration

Earning Your MBA at Walsh College 

The Walsh College Master of Business Administration (MBA) will enhance your ability to incorporate strategic decision-making and systematic approaches in solving complex problems. Students will develop a framework for thinking and decision-making in today’s fast-paced, business environment.

Proven business leaders who are experienced practitioners in their fields teach courses in the Walsh MBA Program. This approach bridges the gap between real-world practices and your classroom experience.

The program consists of 15 courses for 42 credits, with courses offered in a hybrid format, combining in-person classroom instruction with online learning. Select courses will require on-campus attendance while others will be available entirely online.

Most on-ground courses will be taught in a 2+2 format, with two hours of on-campus instruction and the equivalent of two hours of online instruction. The MBA program is designed to be taken in a predetermined sequence for the proper development of the necessary skills.

Graduate Program Launch

All MBA students will participate in a required one-day, on-campus orientation program before their classes begin. There will be an overview of your program, a communications assessment, a review of student services, team building and networking opportunities. (0 cr; REQUIRED). The Graduate Program Launch will be held on a scheduled Saturday on campus.
 Core Courses
 COM 510  Communication and Success Strategies (3 cr)*
 QM 520
 Business Analytics (3 cr)*
 *Graduate Gateway Courses: Both COM 510 and QM 520 must be completed with a “B” (3.000) or higher to continue on in the program

 MGT 501
 Management (3 cr)
 ACC 510
 Financial & Managerial Accounting (3 cr)
 MKT 550
 Marketing Fundamentals (3 cr)
 FIN 510
 Financial Management (3 cr)
 MKT 554
 Marketing Management (2 cr)
 COM 515
 Professional Communications (1 cr)
 MGT 565
 Operations Management (3 cr)
 IT 520
 Information Technology (3 cr)
 FIN 515
 Financial Markets (3 cr)
 BL 556
 Business Law (3 cr)
 ECN 523
 Global Economics (3 cr)
 MGT 670
 Strategy (3 cr)
 MGT 680
 Capstone Course (3 cr)

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000 must be earned while in residence. All other courses must be completed with a “C” (2.000) or higher.

No GMAT Required
We evaluate your application in a careful review of what you have accomplished since graduating from college, together with your academic record in your other degree programs. Those are much better indicators of your success as an MBA student than a formal test score.

View graduate admission requirements or contact the Admissions & Advising office to schedule an appointment:

MBA Dual Degree options

Students looking to combine the breadth and prestige of the MBA with the specialization of a Master of Science degree can choose from one of four dual-degree options. Students will earn two distinct degrees by completing an additional four to six courses.


Total courses/credits required


15 courses, 42 credits

Dual MBA/MS in Finance

21 courses, 60 credits

Dual MBA/MS in Management

19 courses, 54 credits

Dual MBA/MS in Marketing

21 courses, 60 credits

Dual MBA/MS in Information Technology Leadership

21 courses, 60 credits

For additional course descriptions and other detailed program information, please refer to the Walsh College Catalog.

MBA graduates work in a variety of industries from banking to information technology to human resources. The opportunities for employment vary significantly. The Walsh MBA delivers the skills necessary for students to move toward a promotion, a new job, or a total career change.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), starting salaries for graduates with a master’s degree in business administration/management range from $54,800 to $80,700. Experience and promotion in this field can lead to a much higher earnings potential. The career paths of students graduating with degree in this area vary considerably as do starting salaries, depending on industry and the size of corporation. Management executives can earn from $78,000 to $156,000. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for financial managers with an MBA in May 2013 is $112,700.