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Pearson Student Success Program

This tutoring program was founded by Walsh College graduate Richard Pearson (picture on the right with his wife Elaine). He wanted to provide additional assistance to students that needed help in their classes and give them the opportunity to be successful. The College is grateful for Richard Pearson's generosity and appreciates what he has provided to allow the program to grow and become successful.

The program offers free tutoring labs in Accounting, Finance, Statistics, and Quantitative Methods. Through the program students can receive assistance to improve their study, note, and test taking skills.  

Walsh College Student Success Tutoring Labs Schedule for Summer 2016 

Accounting Review

Accounting Exam Review Schedule

Free Strunk Workshop (open to the public)

Strunk Workshop

Peer Group Tutoring

Available for students looking for assistance in their coursework. Tutors are partially subsidized by the College to keep cost affordable for students. Tutoring is available in several subject areas and the following formats:
  • Group tutoring    
  • Online tutoring

Individual Tutoring

Also available for students looking for personalized assistance. Tutoring is available in several subject areas.
  • Individual tutoring    

Find a Tutor

Select a tutor and access their contact information. Walsh may not always have a tutor available.  However, we do our best to provide a tutor for those making a request. The earlier you request, the better your chances of getting one.

Interested in becoming a tutor?

Share your knowledge and build your professional resume while helping others. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please fill out an application. Walsh students with a 3.5+ GPA are eligible. Tutors are compensated for their services.


Check the Portal for tutor applications, lab schedules, and more information. Or contact Maria Corace at 248-823-1132 / tutoring@walshcollege.edu.