The Admissions and Academic Advising office provides support programs and services to assist Walsh students in achieving their goals.

Contact an Admissions & Academic Advising staff member today for assistance.

New Student Checklist

For help getting started at Walsh, please follow the new student checklist:

  • New Student Checklist
  • You may also schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor for personalized assistance in starting and registering for your first semester at Walsh.  

    To schedule an appointment, please contact Admissions & Advising at: 

    248-823-1600 (Troy)
    248-679-1400 (Novi)
    586-723-1500 (Macomb & SC4 University Centers)

    New Student Events

  • New Student Orientation -
    Exclusive event for new students

  • Disability Services

    Notifying Walsh that you have a disability is optional and confidential. Students must provide Walsh with medical or diagnostic documentation that confirms a recognized impairment and recommendations for the specific accommodations needed. The Disability Services Information packet outlines the required documentation that must be provided by students requesting accommodations. After submission of medical or diagnostic documentation, the Disability Services team will review and provide a copy of reasonable accommodations to student’s faculty. Accommodations will be effective as soon as possible once all documentation is received by our team and notification has been provided to faculty: Disability Services Info Packet.

    Counseling Services

    Walsh has several Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC’s) on staff who are available to provide students with support, and an opportunity to explore any concerns and problems in a confidential setting.  The college years can be an exciting time that are full of change and personal growth. During this time, many students experience varying levels of stress including feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, depression, achievement conflicts, relationship issues and more.  Our Counselors are here to help you through the challenges you are experiencing with the use of short-term/Solution-Focused approaches so you can get back to focusing on your studies.  Referrals can be provided for students seeking more specialized, long term care.

    Tutoring Services

    Walsh takes a very supportive position in assisting students and offers tutoring services for selected courses each semester.  If you are having problems in a particular class or not getting the grade you want, be sure to take advantage of Walsh tutoring program.  Group, individual and online tutoring are available for a minimal cost.  In addition, Walsh offers assistance in communications, statistics and quantitative methods courses through our Pearson Student Success Labs. Accounting review sessions are also available. The Pearson Student Success Labs and the Accounting Review Sessions are offered at no cost.  Learn more.

    Accounting Placement Exams

    Accounting Placement Exams are used to determine appropriate exclusions or placement in the Master of Science in Accountancy (MAC) programs.

    The Accounting Placement Exam 4 MAC-W is required for applicants applying for admission to the Master of Science in Accountancy for Accounting Graduates program (MAC-W) who have earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and graduated over 5 years ago (and have not yet completed the CPA exam). Those that do not successfully pass the exam will be evaluated for admission to the Master of Science in Accountancy program (MAC).

    Please click below for specific topics, practice examination and procedures for each of the Accounting Placement Exams:

    Placement Exam Content covered Time Allowed
    Accounting Practice Evaluation Exam 1 Principles of Financial Accounting (ACC 500)
    60 minutes
    Accounting Practice Evaluation Exam 2 Intermediate Accounting 1 (ACC 501)
    75 minutes
    Accounting Practice Evaluation Exam 3 Intermediate Accounting 2 (ACC 502)
    120 minutes
    Accounting Practice Evaluation Exam 4 MAC-W  ​Masters of Accountancy
    120 minutes

    Accounting Placement Exam Scheduling

    Accounting placement exams may be taken at the Troy Testing Center, Novi, or Macomb University Center locations. Below is contact information for each of these locations. Accounting Placement Exams may be taken in Troy anytime during the hours listed on the Troy Testing Center website.


    Scheduling Placement Exams at the Novi Campus & Macomb University Center

    Please send email to preferred campus location to request accounting placement exam appointment.
    Include in the email: 
    Accounting Placement Exam number you are planning to take.
    Body of email: include the day and time you would like to take exam, your name and phone number.   

    Location Contact Email
    Troy Testing Center 248-823-1692
    Novi  248-349-5454
    Macomb University Center 586-723-1500

    If you have any questions on the accounting placement exams, please contact Admissions & Academic Advising at advising@walshcollege.edu or 1-800-Walsh-01.