Academic Calendar

Note: Dates listed below are for 11-week courses. If your course meets for less than 11 weeks, please check the syllabus or Web Advisor for important dates.

Fall 2018 winter 2019 Spring 2019  Summer 2019
Graduation Application Deadline Aug. 1 Nov. 1 Feb. 1 Aug. 1 
Semester Begins Sep. 19 Jan. 7 Apr. 1 June 24
Last Day to Register or Add Classes Sep. 25 Jan. 13 Apr. 7 June 30
Payment period begins July 30 Dec. 3 Feb. 25 May 20
Payment due date (pay in full date) Oct. 15 Jan. 31 Apr. 25 July 18
First late payment fee applied Oct. 16 Feb. 1 Apr. 26 July 19
Last Day for 100% Tuition Refund Sep. 26 Jan. 14 Apr. 8 July 1
Last Day to Drop Classes/50% Tuition Refund Oct. 2 Jan. 20 Apr. 14 July 7
Withdrawal Period Begins Oct. 3 Jan. 21 Apr. 15
July 8
Second late payment fee applied Nov. 15 Feb. 15 May 25 Aug. 15
Last Day to Withdraw Nov. 20 Mar. 11 June 3 Aug. 25
Holiday Recess (No Classes) Nov. 21 - 25 Jan. 21 May 27
July 4 & Sep. 2
Final Exam Week Dec. 3-8  Mar. 19-25 June 11-17 Sep. 3-9
Semester Ends Dec. 8 Mar. 25 June 18
Sep. 9
Grades Due Dec. 13 Mar. 27 June 19
Sep. 12
Third late payment fee applied Dec. 15 Mar. 15 June 15 Sep. 15
Commencement Jan. 26 June 22 June 22


For payment due dates, go to www.walshcollege.edu/importantdates.


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Course Updates

Note: The College reserves the right to make changes to the Registration Materials/Schedule of Classes. Changes could include, but are not limited to: days, times, instructors, course prerequisites, and course cancellations/additions. Visit WebAdvisor for current class availability. 

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